I was so pleased to be introduced to MoMineral Makeup on Instagram. I love finding out about brands flying the natural beauty flag. Well, MoMineral are all that, and more. They really care about what beauty means to women.

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Who are MoMineral and what makes them special? MoMineral are creators of natural mineral makeup and nourishing skincare products. The philosophy of the brand is to champion inclusion by providing for all skin tones and representing them properly in their products.

MoMineral products are manufactured right here in the UK. I love that only high-quality, ethical ingredients are used to produce makeup and skincare suitable for all skin types. All reassuringly vegan and cruelty-free.

I received 2 MoMineral products. First, their flagship mineral foundation powder, second their gorgeous hydrating face cream.

I’ll show you my look first, then we’ll look at the individual products.

MoMineral Makeup

My MoMineral look

Here I am wearing my MoMineral products. This is an untouched photograph. As you can see, my freckles and a few broken veins show through, but they’re minimised. Little Cara was very interested and sat on my knee as I took the photograph.

My MoMineral look

I’m all about subtle makeup and natural shades – I’m not confident with bold looks and tend to stick to the shades I know suit me. I’ll run you through what I used.

What I love about this foundation is the natural matte finish. It doesn’t mask my complexion or leave it flat toned. It offers me medium coverage while letting me build coverage over my cheeks where I have thread veins. My skin tone evens out, and small imperfections and blemishes minimised. I love that the foundation doesn’t dry my skin at all, and the coverage lasts all day.

Let’s take a look at the MoMineral products I used to create this look.

MoMineral Loose Mineral Foundation

We’ll start by looking at MoMineral Loose Foundation. This is a gorgeous lightweight mineral foundation. If you’re new to mineral foundations, this replaces a liquid foundation and applies with a kabuki brush, a densely bristled makeup brush.

MoMineral Loose Mineral Foundation

You’ll find a whopping 24 shades of vegan loose mineral foundation on offer. That’s a lot of shades! But rest easy, because the MoMineral sampling service will take the guesswork out of choosing your perfect shade.

For me personally, selecting the right shade foundation is usually quite easy. I am always the palest or next to palest shade, with neutral undertones. But for many dark skins, variation occurs due to over- and undertones.

For this reason, MoMineral foundations come in light neutral, light warm, light cool, tan, and dark shades. And if you’re wondering, here’s how to find your perfect shade.

All the foundations are named after the word for beauty in various languages – my shade is Piekno, which is Polish.

MoMineral mineral foundation comes in a plastic 30ml twistable/lockable sifter jar. The fine mineral powder applies really easily. As with other mineral powders, the foundation offers natural sunscreen protection. At this price, the foundation is excellent value for money.

MoMineral Loose Mineral Foundation

Buy Now – £20 at MoMineral

MoCares Radiant Skin Intense Hydration Face Cream

This is one rich and gorgeous face cream, and makes an ideal base for your MoMineral makeup. In scented or unscented versions, I tried the unscented version – ideal for sensitive skin.

MoCares Radiant Skin Intense Hydration Face Cream

It’s packed with hydrating and nourishing oils and botanicals such as calendula, rosehip, and aloe vera to balance your skin and leave it with a healthy glow.

The face cream comes in a white plastic jar. As is true of all MoMineral products, it’s suitable for all skin types including mature, dry, normal, oily, and combination. My skin is normal with the occasional hormonal breakout, and I’ve found the cream supports it perfectly, leaving it soft, glowing, and breakout free. It is on the thick side, so needs a little warming before gently pressing it in.

At £8 for a 50ml jar, it’s excellent value for money and on par with face creams that are much more expensive.

MoCares Radiant Skin Intense Hydration Face Cream

Buy Now – £8 at MoMineral

Final thoughts on MoMineral Makeup

I really love my MoMineral makeup and skincare products. They suit my skin perfectly, and I love supporting UK business who champion natural beauty for all.

To learn more about MoMineral and see their full product range see their website or Instagram.

Will you try MoMineral? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


MoMineral make effective & affordable natural beauty for all skin tones and types. Check out my review of their mineral foundation & hydrating face cream. #naturalbeautyproducts #naturalmakeup #mineralmakeup


  1. This looks like a reasonable natural option. I am always on the search because I have such sensitive skin. When I wear makeup I breakout so bad. I’ll try this on.

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