Do you battle to keep your kids clean? Although I love my kids to get mucky (not as much as they like to get mucky, I might add), whether it’s outdoors in the mud or being tactile with food (baby led weaning, anyone?) we do appreciate a good clean up afterwards. So I was pleased to hear from kids’ bath-time brand Scrubbingtons, who wondered if I’d like to try their Hand & Face Foam.

This post is a paid partnership with Scrubbingtons. My views are honest and my own.

Turn your bath dodgers and shower swervers into grime fighters with our foam-tastic washing products for real kids.

Scrubbingtons products contain naturally-derived ingredients, are suitable for sensitive skin, vegan, and cruelty free.

Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam by the sink

Mums Karen and Emma created the brand after spotting a huge gap in the market between baby skincare and adult skincare. Especially for kids who like to get mucky!

Why am I still using a bubble bath with a picture of a baby on the front when he’s not a baby anymore, and why I am washing him when he should be starting to wash himself?!

Scrubbingtons products help kids to feel in control by learning how to wash themselves. We all want our children to feel supported to grow up into amazing adults. It absolutely can start in the bathroom!

Empowering children

Scrubbingtons brand mission is to empower children to take charge of their washing and personal hygiene, and this comes across in the fun and child-friendly packaging that’s so easy for little ones to use.

The brand believes in encouraging children to get outside into nature because it’s so good for their development and mental health. And although I cringe at some of the things my kids get up to outside (drinking muddy water?), I couldn’t agree more.

Front of Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

Scrubbingtons entire range is gender neutral, too. You won’t find a “pink one” and a “blue one” with Scrubbingtons, which I think sets an important message for our children.

Along with the Hand & Face Foam, the range includes Bubble Bath, Deodorant, and all-in-one Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash. There’s also a new alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser foam to gently kill “bugs” (my son is fascinated with germ science right now).

So let’s dive straight in to Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam!

Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

Scrubbingtons tout this foaming cleanser as great for those with sensitive skin. It claims to be gentle on dry hands and I love that it contains soothing aloe vera for extra moisturising. It’s dermatologically tested so is suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Back of the bottle of Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam comes in a fully recyclable pump action bottle. This bottle actually contains 50% recycled plastic. I love how the bottle is super sturdy and is large enough for children to use themselves.

The design of the labelling is fantastic, sure to appeal to slightly older children with its fun and funky feel.

Using Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

Jonah, who is 4, finds it really easy to dispense the foam, although Cara, 22 months, still just wants to play with the bottle! And why not, it’s so much fun!

Jonah using the easy to use Scrubbingtons pump

The bottle dispenses just the right amount of fragrant foam. Which by the way, smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s supposed to smell like cut grass, but it reminds me of Issey Miyake pour homme! It’s beautiful and appeals to all genders.

My son is really happy that he can use the pump himself, and show us his amazing covid-friendly hand washing technique.

Jonah demonstrating his hand washing technique

It’s also throwable, which makes for huge fun in the bath tub! I can’t wait to try Scrubbingtons other products like the bath foam!

And this foam is sticky! It gets into all the grubby parts – think tiny toddler fingers covered in dried baked beans.

I really love that rather than buy a new bottle of Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam, you simply buy a fully recyclable refill pouch. It makes so much sense and is much kinder to the environment.

Cara washing her hands

The only downside is the synthetic fragrance. Although I always bear in mind that some synthetic fragrances may be kinder to skin than some “natural” fragrances! The fragrance in this foam is fully tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

The Hand & Face Foam is excellent value for money, even compared with bar soap. We started using ours about 2 months ago and it’s still going strong!

Mummy, I wanted a bubble beard not a bubble nose!”

How clean are my kids after using Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam? They’re super clean! But their skin isn’t at all stripped of moisture and has a sweet fragrance that lingers. Happy family!

Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

Buy Now – £5.01 at Amazon

Final thoughts on Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam

We’re so happy with our Scrubbingtons Hand & Face Foam and can’t wait to explore more from the range. My kids find it great fun, and it’s wonderful for the whole family to use. It ticks all my boxes for natural, clean and eco-friendly, too!

Best of all I love seeing my children learn to wash their hands themselves and feeling strong and mighty when they use the pump!

Have you tried Scrubbingtons? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch!

Happy cleaning!



  1. This looks great! I love that you can buy a refillable pouch for it instead of buying a new bottle!

  2. Patricia @ Grab a Plate Reply

    Sounds like a great (and fun!) product! I like that it helps empower kids!

  3. Sounds like a great soap!! We definitely prefer the foaming soaps for our kids. They’ve been doing great washing hands and have even become 95% independent in the shower over the past few months! My babies aren’t babies anymore it seems!

  4. Caressa Walker Reply

    I love the pictures of your little ones washing their hands. The fact that it foams probably makes it so much more fun to use for kids.

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