Hi, lovely humans! Today I’m sharing 3 of the plastic free wellbeing and beauty picks I made this month.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

We’re still in plastic free July, and while I’m not able to promise a completely plastic free July, I am making steps in the right direction with some plastic free beauty and health swaps I intend to follow in July and beyond.

And I can enjoy these beauties guilt free, since they all reduce plastic packaging. I’ve got magical and chilled out Magic Cocoa with ashwaganda and reishi mushroom from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs, soothing Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey, and an anti-ageing day cream from Sukin that promises to reduce wrinkles in just 14 days!

So let’s take a look at what I picked up!

Plastic free picks

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Magic Cocoa

Since trying Blooming Blends earlier this month, I’ve become interested in the herb ashwaganda. In a nutshell, I think it might help with my stress, energy levels, and libido, all of which have suffered through the coronavirus pandemic. So I have my eyes open for any products containing this calming, yet boosting herb.

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Magic Cocoa

Enter ZOJO Beauty Elixirs! Their plant-based beauty and health formulas are created with love, integrity, and real consideration for healthy ingredients. ZOJO create organically grown adaptogens, potent plants, and superfoods for health, wellness, and beauty from within.

This Magic Cocoa caught my eye right away. The packaging is beautiful. The jar is glass, and features this gorgeous design with shiny foiled label. I’m going to love reusing it after I’ve finished the cocoa!

But what can this delicious drink do for me? It’s described as a high vibrations elixir for inner flow and outer beauty. It’s vegan and free from gluten, lactose, and GMO. The cocoa promises to chill you out and warm you up – all at the same time! I love it already!

It claims it will boost my energy in the morning, elevate my mood during the afternoon chill, or calm my senses in the evening after a long stressful day.

Key benefits of ZOJO Magic Cocoa

Here are the key benefits of Magic Cocoa.

  • Radiant skin: ashwagandha has a rejuvenating effect and helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Strength and mood: ashwagandha supports optimal relaxation, mental and physical wellbeing, as well as maintaining energy and vitality.
  • Stress support: ashwagandha supports wellbeing in periods of mental and nervous tension.
  • Immunological defense: reishi mushrooms naturally boost the immune system.

How to use it? Just like regular cocoa! I mix a couple of spoonfuls to a paste in a cup with my choice of species appropriate milk and a healthy sweetener, then top up with more milk that I warmed gently in a pan. It needs a good whisk to keep it lump free.

Showing the powder of ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Magic Cocoa

It’s so easy to make and delicious to drink. It tastes just like regular cocoa, and there’s only a subtle difference in texture compared with normal cocoa.

I’ve only ever tried Magic Cocoa at night time, but wow do I get a good night’s sleep if I drink this! It’s like a positive kind of sleep where I wake up feeling really well rested.

I’ve been taking ashwaganda for about a month now and I do feel like it’s contributing to reducing my stress levels and easing my PMS symptoms.

I’d love to update you on this Magic Cocoa when I’ve used it for longer, so please subscribe to stay in touch. I have high hopes for it!

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Magic Cocoa

Buy Now – €35 at SoBio

Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey

Humble Natural Beauty products caught my attention when I received the delightful Sweet Pea & Verbena Hand Cream in the LoveLula June beauty box.

Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey

Rose lovers, lovers of fragrant baths – this one is for you! Presenting Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey. It looks so inviting in its beautiful amber glass bottle.

Created so that you can “spoil yourself without spoiling the environment”, Humble products contain natural, biodegradable ingredients. The fragrance is described as “a subtle floral fragrance blending top notes of fresh rose petals on a heart of lavender, and a base of amber, frankincense and musk”. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering what nice ingredients make this bubble bath worth your money, then know that Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey contains calming aloe vera, real honey, soothing oat, and anti-inflammatory echinacea.

The bottle looks so lovely in the bathroom next to the bath. The fragrant bubble bath is easy to pour and it’s satisfyingly thick. There is “parfum” in this bubble bath, but the fragrance smells natural, albeit potent.

The bathroom fills with the sweet scent of roses, which is so soothing. The bubbles last about 10 minutes in my bath. Remember that I do share my baths with Cara, who pretty much bashes all the bubbles away with her splashing!

The bath water smells beautiful and is wonderfully relaxing. Rose is said to help with feelings of self love and worth, which is something we all need from time to time.

The final word: a soothing floral bubble bath that will help you bathe away your worries without excess plastic – and look beautiful next to your bath. If you can bear to give it away it’d make a fabulous gift.

Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey

Buy Now – £10 at Amazon

Sukin Purely Ageless Rejuvenating Day Cream

I’ll be honest – Sukin has been off my radar for some time. But a couple of their new products of theirs caught my eye, this one included. Who could resist the claim for fewer wrinkles in just 2 weeks?

Sukin Purely Ageless Rejuvenating Day Cream

And actually, this was a gift for my lovely mum (she’s only 18 years older than me, btw). We share some of the same skin care needs!

The cream contains wonder flower hibiscus along with superfood baobab to naturally plump, firm, and hydrate the skin. Interestingly, it contains pure ribose which works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. There’s also cocoa butter, goji berry, and vitamin E, leaving the skin smoother and more elastic after 14 days. With these interesting claims, I can’t wait to see how mum gets on!

My mum is really happy with her cream and can’t wait to let us know if it reduces her wrinkles (she’s got lovely skin, she doesn’t need to worry). I took a sneaky sample and I can report soft and dewy skin!

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Buy Now – £17.95 at Naturisimo

Final thoughts on plastic free wellbeing and beauty

I hope you enjoyed reading about my plastic free wellbeing and beauty finds! There’s so much to enjoy. If you’re trying to reduce your plastic consumption, you’re sure to find products to help you on your journey.

From moisturisers and serums in glass, to bar shampoos and conditioners, refreshing deos in tins, healthy herbs, wooden toothbrushes and eco-friendly razors, you can stock up on plastic free essentials (and let’s be honest, treats!).

And of course makeup – I love multipurpose makeup like these Aura Accent Balms from Hurraw. Put your money towards products that are concentrated and packaged in glass, like the new RMS foundations. Refillable makeup also reduces your consumption of plastic and is a real win, like Hiro refillable palettes.

Have you made any plastic free beauty purchases in July? Let me know about them in the comments!

Until next time!



  1. sounds like fab stuff, I don’t tend to buy a lot of beauty products unlesss they are low waste. but these sounds so lovely.

  2. Sounds like a great product and I’m sure it smells amazing!!! Rose and Frankincense are two of my favorite scents

  3. I really need to get more into brands that don’t use plastic! Thank you for sharing this one!

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