Welcome back, beauty lovers! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the premium natural skincare line Typology! The French brand launched in the UK in May 2020, and I’m so excited to be part of the launch and try their wonderful skincare.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

I really didn’t know much about Typology before receiving my goody box. So let’s find out more about this interesting brand.

Tell me about Typology skincare

Typology bring us vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced skincare. It was created Made.com’s founder, Ning Li.

For too long, the world of skincare had been defined by exaggerated promises and suspect chemicals. After gathering a team of health and skincare experts, we set out together to challenge the industry. We chose to go back to basics.

Ning Li, Typology Founder

Typology is like natural beauty’s answer to The Ordinary, offering premium, highly effective products at a very affordable price (their model is 100% online).

But, unlike The Ordinary, Typology focuses on natural ingredients and excludes the controversial ingredients some of us green beauties choose to avoid.


What I love about Typology is that it focuses on the provenance and quality of its ingredients “they must be sourced from sustainable farms using gentle extraction techniques” and the recyclability of its packaging.

You the creator

I really like the interactivity of these products. The RAW collection focuses on a single ingredient that can be mixed with others to create unique and customised skincare. As a DIY natural skincare dabbler, I love that Typology lets us be the creator, showing us how to create our own skincare formulations.


So much sense comes out of the Typology packaging solution.

Typology's innovative packaging

They use recyclable materials and sustainable transport. Glass for smaller items and recyclable plastic for larger ones, so they’re not too heavy.

Even Typology’s containers are flatter than most so they fit through your postbox. It really is future thinking.

But, enough packaging talk. Let’s look at these fabulous Typology skincare products!

Typology skincare review

About Typology routines

Follow 7 Typology skincare routines on its website. These cover mature, sensitive, dull and tired, normal to combination, oily, dry, and pores and blackheads skin. I love this and it’s definitely worth checking out if you like support when choosing products to try.

For a custom routine, I highly recommend taking the Typology skin diagnostic. This questionnaire is designed to discover your skin typology.

Instead of focusing on what skin type you think you are, it asks questions about your skin concerns and your lifestyle to discover your skin typology. It’s fun!

We determined a matrix of 24 skin typologies, according to a scientific methodology so we can understand you and advise you better.

I discovered that my skin typology is VE(•). I’m like 6% of typologists. My skin is normal but ageing. My concerns are sagging, wrinkles, and eye bags. Pass the caffeine serum!

The diagnostic tool gives me a custom routine showing all the products to try – it’s so exciting!

So let’s look at the products!

Typology Woman – Periodic Serums

When I opened my box to discover these 4 serums, I was bowled over.

4 serums to meet the needs of each of the 4 weeks of your menstrual cycle.

Why has no skincare company thought of this before? I mean, this is something we do naturally with our serums, right ladies?

Typology Woman - Periodic Serums

My skin really changes over the course of my cycle, swinging from perfectly normal to hormonal breakouts. So the idea of having a serum designed for my skin while it’s being influenced by my female hormones is perfect!

Use each periodic serum for a span of 7 days. I use my serum right after toning or spritzing with floral water.

Hydrating & Soothing ~ Serum 1

I use serum 1 on days 1 to 7, during my period.

It’s a hydrating and soothing serum with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol, and cornflower floral water. This serum brings me comfort during my period and is really hydrating without aggravating any lingering inflammation.

Suppleness & Radiance ~ Serum 2

On days 8 to 14, I use serum 2 while approaching ovulation. It’s a suppleness and radiance serum with vitamin C and fruit acids (I use this one PM).

Hydrating & Astringent ~ Serum 3

Then it’s serum 3 on days 15 to 21 in the luteal phase. This one is a hydrating and astringent serum with sugar extracted from wheat and ginger extract. My skin feels really comfortable using this serum in a trouble free time!

Mattifying & Anti-Blemish ~ Serum 4

Finally on the wait for my period, I use serum 4 – a mattifying and anti-blemish serum with seaweed extract and zinc. This makes a real difference in reducing oiliness on my face and together with the zinc serum (reviewed below) minimises my pesky acne and keeps my skin at its happiest.

This has to be my favourite product from Typology – it’s hugely appealing and works really well at meeting the needs of my skin during my menstrual phases.

Typology Woman – Periodic Serums

Buy Now – £51.90 at Typology

Ten: Cleansing Oil with 7 Ingredients

Typology’s TEN range keeps things simple by offering formulas with 10 or fewer ingredients – genius for sensitive skin or those who prefer minimal skincare. This golden oil to milk cleanser removes makeup in a breeze.

Typology Cleansing Oil with 7 Ingredients

It’s a minimalist fragrance-free formula suitable for all skin types and contains sunflower and sweet almond oils along with vitamin E.

I use a small amount of the cleansing oil on dry skin with plenty of massage to remove eye makeup before wiping away with a warm flannel. I follow the first cleanse with the solid soothing cleansing bar.

I’ve found makeup removal with this oil very simple and without too much effort. I love that it’s fragrance free and totally non-irritating.

Cleansing oils don’t get much better than this one!

Typology Cleansing Oil

Buy Now – £18.90 at Typology

Plantes: Solid Soothing Cleansing Bar

This cleansing bar is from Typology’s Plantes range – a collection of 100% natural cold saponified soaps with 8% super fats. They’re softer and more nourishing than other soaps due to the high levels of beneficial fats.

I tried the Soothing Cleansing Bar (also available: hydrating, exfoliating, purifying). This makes a fabulous cleanser in the morning or as a second part of a double cleanse. I was worried this soap would dry my face out, but it didn’t. My skin was clean and comfortable. I love the simple ingredients – olive, coconut, sunflower, and shea. And look at the awesome little windowed storage box. So cute!

Typology Solid Soothing Cleansing Bar

Buy Now – £11.80 at Typology

Raw: Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrolate

The next step in our routine is to use a hydrosol, also known as a floral water. These are a huge part of my routine so I was really happy to find chamomile water in the package.

Typology Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrolate

This hydrolate comes from Typology’s RAW range, which offers single ingredients that can be combined to create custom formulas – for instance you could add a few drops to your moisturiser. I tend to apply it directly though. Like all floral waters, they are highly versatile.

I love that this hydrolate seems extremely good quality – it has a more concentrated fragrance than those I have tried before.

Typology also offers peppermint, witch hazel, orange blossom, cornflower, lavender, and rose hydrolates. I need more!

Typology Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrolate

Buy Now – £8.80 at Typology

Ten: Face Moisturiser with 9 Ingredients

This is everything you could want from a basic fragrance-free moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Using a daily hydrating face cream is essential for all skin types to help restore the skin’s protective hydro-lipidic barrier.

Typology Face Moisturiser with 9 Ingredients

I love how lightweight this cream is. It’s non-greasy and sinks in like a dream. Whether or not your skin is sensitive, the moisturiser is helpful if you’re using toners and serums and want a simple moisturiser. It works really well with Typology’s serums.

It does an amazing job of keeping skin soft on a daily basis. I use it day and night.

Other moisturisers include a firming moisturiser 0.2% retinol with tsubaki oil and a radiance face moisturiser with vitamin C + lemon water. A beautiful moisturiser, no more, no less!

Typology Face Moisturiser

Buy Now – £22.50 at Typology

Raw: Organic Rosehip Oil

I’m a huge fan of super-versatile rosehip oil – it’s very much my “desert island oil”. This rosehip oil is said to promote healing of the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles. It’s sourced from organic farming.

Typology Organic Rosehip Oil

I usually use this as the last step in my PM routine. The colour of this oil is something else – it is orange! And I love the glow it brings to my skin.

The “mailable” packaging here does mean a few extra dribbles! A glass bottle with a dropper is easier, but if it gets through my door faster, I’m all for it.

Typology Rosehip Oil

Buy Now – £23.80 at Typology

More serums to try: LAB

In skincare, we often hear that serums are where to put our money. And Typology’s LAB serums are a great way to load your skin with active ingredients to treat skin concerns.

Typology LAB serums - Salicylic Acid 2% + Zinc 1% and Hyaluronic Acid

I tried Salicylic Acid 2% + Zinc 1%, great to treat local blemishes, and Hyaluronic Acid 3% + B5 2%, which I use under moisturiser for a boost. See the entire LAB range for a complete view.

Typology LAB Serums

From £11.80 at Typology

I also tried Typology Lip Balm and the beautiful layerable Natural Eaux de Parfum and I’ll come back to them both in future posts.

Final thoughts on Typology skincare

Typology has beautifully responded to what people want from their skincare.

Typology’s skincare routines and custom routine diagnostic are great for both beginners and those experienced in creating custom skincare routines.

The natural, effective products are universally appealing – and all at a totally affordable price. I love all my Typology products and I’m curious to try more!

I definitely recommend Typology, especially to those with sensitive skin or specific concerns such as sagging, wrinkles, eye bag, and hormonal acne.

By the way, I recently reviewed Typology’s range of scrubs and masks – you should check it out!

Visit Typology at uk.typology.com – all products are available through their website, or see their Instagram.

What do you think to the Typology skincare brand? Let me know in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch with future posts!

Until next time!



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    The serums sound great. I’ve never heard of this co. but will look more into it – so many skin types have been considered!

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    Is this coming to the US at all? I love the personalized skin care products. Great packaging as well

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