Having a baby demands a lot of time, attention, and energy. You may find it difficult to care for your own wellbeing when your child needs you more often than not. Most of all, exercise is a challenge to make time for, since most workouts need separate time and space to successfully do. “Having a baby changes nearly everything about your life, including your exercise routine,” says Erin Heger, mum of two. “You might be […] having trouble finding the time to work out now that you have this newborn in your arms who always seems to be hungry.”

Fortunately, with the right baby equipment and a creative mind, you’ll find that you don’t have to leave your baby alone to exercise. After all, a ton of baby products can surprisingly keep you fit. Below are some of them.

Using a baby carrier

A baby carrier will allow you to move freely without having to hold your child. This means you can move around the house with your baby with your arms free to do anything else—such as balance your body during squats. Plus, the added weight makes for a good workout!

Compared to alternatives such as slings and wraps, carriers provide more structure and support both for you and your baby. They have a definite shape to them and most can be worn on your back or your front: with your baby either facing away or towards you. In particular, the Omni 360 from Ergobaby offers support that is perfect for workouts at home, as it has a belt that provides lumbar support.

Strolling with a pushchair

Having a pushchair is a must for travelling, but you can also use it to squeeze in your exercise routine. Taking a stroll around the neighbourhood can get you active and get your baby their dose of sunshine.

Sunshine contains a healthy amount of vitamin D too, which Medical News Today notes is crucial to your baby’s development. It boosts their immunity and promotes the growth of their bones. If you plan on taking your baby out on some vigorous walks you should get a pushchair that can be used in a variety of locations, from the local park to countryside walks. iCandy’s pushchairs show how modern models are created with puncture-proof PU tyres, allowing for a smooth ride and effortless manoeuvrability over every kind of terrain. If you prefer exercising outdoors, having your baby in a pushchair also ensures their safety and comfort while you carry on with your routine.

Change bags as weights

Change bags are essential for keeping your baby’s things tidy and portable, especially when travelling. However, you can also use them as added weights for your fitness routine when you’re outdoors. Some change bags can be worn as backpacks, like the Tidy Talent Backpack from LÄSSIG, which is the recommended type you get. Its padded back section and shoulder straps offer comfort and support. Alternatively, you can also wear this change bag as a weight when you do squats or workouts at home, and when you go for strolls.

Being a mum may have prevented you from getting into your fitness journey for quite some time but it’s not impossible to continue. Even if you’re caring for your baby full-time, you can squeeze in a workout or two without having to stay away from your child.

As a mother, it is crucial to find ways to stay healthy. This not only includes fitness but how you relax too. If you’re looking for an amazing relaxation method, we highly recommend meditation for its positive benefits for the mind and body. You can follow our ‘5 Meditation Tips to Get You Started’.

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