“Unveiling the health benefits of tanning beds” is a collaborative post.

Spray tans have been around for a long time and are very dearly loved by their users. However, with the introduction of tanning beds, spray tans have gone down in demand significantly due to the impressive number of benefits of tanning beds.

Tanning beds help ensure you get a consistent result all over your body while also helping you relieve any pressure or stress on your muscles. The mild heat from the bed will help relieve the sore stiffness in your muscles and help drain away the pain over time.

Are you keen to know more about the benefits of tanning beds? Well then, waste no time and read on ahead.

Benefits of tanning beds

Tanning beds have caused quite a stir and improved tanning experiences drastically. You will no longer have to worry about blotchy tans and varying shades. With tanning beds, you will achieve not only consistent and even tan but also experience several other benefits.

In this section, we have discussed some alternative benefits one can achieve through sessions on a tanning bed.

Light therapy

Red light therapy at a tanning salon is now a standard procedure performed almost at all high- end salons. Light therapy after a tanning session is entirely safe and risk-free as there is no involvement of any UV rays emitted during these sessions.

It is known that red light therapies have nothing to do with UV rays emissions, which makes them highly desirable by most clients. The red light therapy tanning bed allows the clients to get their tan without the risk of skin problems as there is no UV present.

You will experience a safer and much more comfortable tanning experience this way. Additionally, red light therapy boosts circulation through your body and ensures better cell growth and metabolism.

Weight loss

Tanning beds allow the clients to lay down flat on the bed as they are exposed to minimum UV- light sources considered safe. This exposure causes the metabolism rate to increase in a person, which is further increased by getting the thyroid glands to become even more active than before.

All of these effects, combined with the client having to lay down flat, allow for even and equal distribution of heat, and overactive metabolism allows for consistent weight loss all over the body.

However, it is essential to remember that spending hours on a tanning bed will not help you lose a drastic amount of weight or calories. You need to do more physical activity or movement to lose as much weight, even if you are sweating. At best, spending an hour on a tanning bed can help you lose roughly 53 calories.

Elevated mood and self-confidence booster

Many people have claimed to experience an elevated mood and boosted self-confidence after their sessions on the tanning bed. Many people consider themselves more visually appealing and attractive if they have their tan on.

It is even more so if they get it done on a tanning bed. This is because tanning beds allow for even and consistent tan all over the body. Therefore, when done on a tanning bed, there will be no uneven patches or inconsistent tanning.

Since UV light is similar to being under the sun, it is said to promote joy and comfort. Therefore, this proves that sessions on a tanning bed can be used as a confidence booster and elevate mood.

Reduces stiffness and aches in the body

Tanning beds can effectively help to reduce stiffness and aches in the body. The body is at rest and stationary while exposed to minimum UV rays. Sometimes it is also recommended to spend time in tanning beds to help with sore muscles and aches for the body by professionals.

Some people have arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and other muscle aches. Although the claims of reduction in pain are relatively insignificant and short-term, these are proven to have reduced pain.

It is crucial to monitor the amount of UV light you are exposed to. It could easily have a negative effect if the light intensity is not carefully monitored and authorised.

Adequate vitamin-D booster

Vitamin D deficiency could lead to several long-term patient life complications. Some of the effects of this deficiency may involve weakening the heart and increasing the risk of having a heart attack twice as much.

This vitamin deficiency could also lead to long life problems with high blood pressure and diabetes. Some other risks that come with the deficiency of this vitamin are increased risks of strokes and peripheral arterial diseases.

All these problems can easily be avoided if you get your self-tanning done on a bed to avoid making a mess. This makes it much easier and more convenient, too, as there is a minimum risk of staining unwanted areas.

Bottom line

Tanning has become an increasingly popular method of beautifying oneself. The traditional form of tanning using a sprayer is known to be very inconsistent with their shade match and notorious for its blotchy results, which is why the benefits of tanning beds have been drawing clients more towards it and less towards spray tans.

Not only does it help you feel good about yourself, but it also helps relieve sore muscles, promote weight loss, but also help elevate moods. There are several other benefits to these beds that one must know of before signing up for a session to ensure a pleasant experience.

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