“Ways to make quality time with your children this Christmas” is a collaborative post.

Christmas is when everybody is excited and thankful that they are finally getting the time to spend with their families. It is more of a celebration in households where both parents work or live away from their families. Christmas holidays are a relief to them, as they can catch up on all the missing activities and make memories to last for a lifetime.

What could you do to have a lovely time with your children? Something that they would love? If yes, you’re on the right page. This article mentions some tips and ideas on the activities that will help you enjoy the winter wonderland with your little ones.

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1. Watch cartoons with them

Children love watching cartoons, and holidays are the best seasons because they can watch them whenever they like. And thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, children now have the option to view different genres of cartoons. So, this Christmas, sit with your children, play their favourite show on Netflix, and watch it with a tub of popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

Interestingly, you can now watch shows from other countries using the change Netflix region feature on your account. It helps in viewing country-specific shows and runs only in those parts of the world. For the best cartoon series, enter Japan as your region, and enjoy the shows with your children.

2. Christmas craft

Crafting is amongst the most engaging activities to do with your children. It helps the family to expand their creative horizons together. There are several such drafting activities, like:

  • Paper bag snowflakes
  • Popsicle stick wreath
  • Paper bag snowman puppet
  • Santa advent calendar
  • Yarn-wrapped ornaments and more

Christmas crafting activities are fun because you also get keepsakes after the activity is done. Along with them, there are lifetime memories to cherish. You can also record these fun times and watch them later to revisit the happy times.

3. Game night

If your children do not like watching movies and cartoons but love to spend time playing video games, take it up as an opportunity. You can either play online video games or buy them from the nearest stores. Besides making memories, you will also help your children learn new things.

When choosing the games, check what kind of skills the game will teach and how to use it to imbibe some learning in your children. You can even host a game night where you invite your child’s friends or your extended family for a fun night. You can keep snacks and play different games. It’ll be fun.

4. Check the holiday lights

Who wouldn’t want to check out the fantastic lights and festive vibes in town during Christmas? Everybody does, right? So, why not turn it into a family activity? You can drive around the city and check the holiday lights in your neighbourhood and town.

You can carry along some hot chocolate or freshly baked cookies to make it enjoyable. Drive around and enjoy the holiday decorations while sharing stories from your childhood. It makes for a beautiful family bonding activity.

Bottom Line

See, how easy it is to squeeze in some excellent quality time with your children? So, make sure you use the above tips to create lasting memories.

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