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Gone are the days when pads and tampons are the only products one can use to handle menstruation. More and more women are saying goodbye to tampons and pads and instead rely on period underwear during their menstrual period.

There is, of course, a good reason for this. Period pants offer menstruators a high level of comfort and safety, and overall, it is eco-friendly. However, not all period underwear is created equal in terms of quality and advantages. This is why one must fully understand what they are, how they function, and the qualities of good period underwear.

What is period underwear?

Period underwear is an absorbent, washable, and reusable lingerie, which can be worn during menstruation instead of the classic sanitary pads or disposable tampons, thus reducing the environmental impact of monthly waste and costs. In appearance, period briefs, or period pants, are utterly similar to regular underwear, but the characteristic that differentiates them is the presence of multiple absorbent layers in the gusset area.

Ecological and comfortable Weekiss period panties

The central layer absorbs the menstrual flow, while the one in contact with the skin and the outer one can be in cotton or lycra, depending on the model. High-quality period panties, such as those from Weekiss are made from organic cotton and are free of silver and other biocides. The degree of absorbency depends on the models, but an absorbent period panty can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Period underwear leaves the skin dry and does not give off bad smells due to the presence of an antimicrobial layer. Period underwear are available in different models, colours, and sizes and can be worn in any situation, even during physical activity and sport. Hipsters, boyshorts, bikinis, thongs, high-waisted briefs, and even lace-trimmed briefs are common styles of period underwear that are available in today’s market.

Benefits of using period underwear

First of all, period underwear is an environmentally friendly and sustainable period care option as it lowers your carbon footprint due to their reusability. You can therefore do away with disposable items like tampons, sanitary pads, and panty liners for good. Each brief lasts for two to three years, during which it maintains its absorbent capacity and can be washed and reused every month. Period underwear can however, be used as normal underwear even after they lose their absorbency, which means no wastage!

Save money with Weekiss Period Panties

Another advantage of period underwear is the economic savings because initial investment in purchasing underwear reduces the expense we usually incur each month for disposable products like pads and tampons.

The use of period underwear for your cycle also reduces the possibility of having your intimate areas contacted with plastic materials and potentially harmful substances that may be present in sanitary pads and tampons.

Since period underwear is made with breathable and naturally antibacterial fabrics layers, preferring them to regular period products can also protect against irritation and prevent the formation of bad smells. The technical fabrics with which these garments are produced guarantee maximum comfort as the absorbent area is not thick but thin, which means there is no diaper feeling as present in sanitary pads.

Period Pants are easy to wash and reuse, so that you can rely on hygienic cleanliness. You only need to rinse out the blood first before washing, and the washing can either be by hand or using a washing machine.

The Superiority of Weekiss period panties

Weekiss is a brand that aims to inspire all menstruators to enjoy a free life that is comfortable, free from silver and other biocides, and protects the environment. Weekiss period panties are of high quality and are produced in the EU according to the highest standards in compliance with all norms that foster good health. The period underwear is produced from certified organic cotton; as a result, the period pants are durable and optimally kind to the skin. The underwear is made with high technology, and they are super thin. And at the same time, the period underwear offers you the necessary protection to feel safe in every situation during your period.

The period panties

The menstrual fluid is absorbed quickly and stored leak-proof in the central layer of the fabric thanks to the unique membrane system, which also makes you feel entirely comfortable and secure. The period panties provide not only security but also amazing wearing comfort. You won’t sweat excessively because of the breathable material, and you’ll always feel dry thanks to the leak-proof membrane system.

Due to their exceptional absorption, Weekiss period panties can be worn by all women through their period, after giving birth, to manage postpartum Lochia, or in the case of vaginal or urinary discharge. Since they can be used for postpartum bleeding, the period underwear can be included in your Natural hospital bag and postpartum essentials list. The period pants come in a variety of styles, so you may pick the one that best suits your tastes. With Weekiss, you’ll always be stylish during your period and don’t have to make any compromises regarding quality and looks.

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