In February, a brand new Lidl opened in my home town, and after having practically never set foot in a Lidl in my life, now my addiction to the German discounter is very real. I can’t believe I was missing out on everything Lidl has to offer all this time! What was I thinking? Enjoy 8 reasons why you’re addicted to Lidl!

8 reasons why you’re addicted to Lidl

1. The bakery

The first thing the sweetly tempting Lidl Plus app does is to lure you in with the promise of a free bakery item. Oh, they come good with the promise. Too good. because in fact the bakery item is pure crack cocaine.

You will forever lust after that bakery section and its sweet stodgy delights, conveniently placed at the front of the store. The chocolate brownies are to die for.

2. The middle of Lidl

It’s such an utter jumble sale of items. An always changing menagerie of season specific tat. You can’t look away, and the urge to know what’s on offer is so strong, you simply have to go down each aisle twice.

3. Promotions

Those little cards that arrive in the post. And the Lidl Plus app, always urging you to reach that next target. “I’ll just nip in for some free cheese”. £40 later…

4. Trolleys, trolleys, trolleys

The super-glidy mega sized trolleys with a dry seat for the little one. They are heaven compared to the shonky efforts from Tesco. Heck, I even forgive them for making me remember to bring £1 every time.

5. And the tiny trolleys!

When your kids aren’t busy knocking over half the store displays while simultaneously shinning passers by, those itsy bitsy trolleys are so much fun, and so flipping cute!

6. The cheap skincare

Okay, it’s not the most glamorous of skincare, but the basic range does the job with some nice natural ingredients like oat and aloe. I like the wipes for a quick clean up when I’m not wearing any makeup (Caroline Hirons turns in her grave). The cheap perfume smells pretty good too, for the price!

7. Dupe snooping

It’s said that Lidl’s £1.49 Cien CoQ10 Cream is a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Dream Cream. And, foodwise, you just have to know – is that Milbona cream cheese just as good as Philadephia? And more importantly, will your kids notice the swap?

8. It’s like going on holiday

Where else can you get 10 types of hotdog sausage and caramel waffles?

Final thoughts on reasons why you’re addicted to Lidl

Now you know why I’m so addicted to Lidl! Are you addicted to Lidl also? Let me know why in the comments – I can’t wait to hear from you!

To learn more about Lidl, visit or see their Instagram account @lidlgb.

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Happy shopping!


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