Welcome back, my dear! Today’s share is a review of the new and wonderful Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter!

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Any long time reader of my blog will know what a huge fan of Weleda I am. So when I learned about a new stretch mark body butter coming into Weleda’s Mum line, I knew I had to try it.

Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter is especially for pregnant mums, and according to Weleda it “helps prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks”. It’s certified natural, vegan – and the non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula promises to improve skin’s elasticity.

Time for a little announcement – I’m actually 32 weeks pregnant with our fourth child! So this stretch mark body butter came at a great time for me! I’ve been using it every day since it arrived in the post about 4 weeks ago. And I have to say – I love it!

The texture of the body butter - so creamy and good!

Developed with pharmacists and midwives, you can totally trust Weleda Mum skin care products. I’ve used these products with all 4 of my pregnancies and they always increase my skin’s health and my emotional wellbeing.

What’s great about the body butter is that it’s backed up by some solid research. For instance, it’s been proven to both prevent the appearance of stretch marks and visibly improve stretch marks, as well as improve skin elasticity and tone. The ingredients are fabulous too – Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter contains extracts of centella asiatica, organic shea butter, rich cocoa butter, and precious oils.

Here’s what I like about Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

Massage routine

I absolutely love the massage routine that’s built into the box. Even if I have only a little time to spare in the morning, it’s so nice to massage my bump, talk to my baby, and take good care of the most stretched skin on my body.

It improves the comfort of my skin

Pregnancy can be an itchy and irritating time, and using a product daily absolutely helps.

The scent

Think subtly floral with rose, neroli, and myrrh. It’s so sweet and comforting. Weleda Mum products always get this right.

It’s not at all greasy

So I can get dressed right away. The formula, although rich in plant oils, cleverly contains ingredients to prevent an overly-greasy formula.

Can we really prevent stretch marks in pregnancy?

If your skin has a lot of stretching to do, I think stretch marks are inevitable. I would say it all depends on your circumstances. I haven’t developed any yet during this pregnancy, but I did get a few new stretch marks in my first pregnancy. That being said, I had been overweight in the past, so my skin had less stretching to do.

The bottom line is I think if you’re trying to prevent stretch marks – especially in your first pregnancy, you should definitely use a product like this daily as a countermeasure.

Ultimately, this is such a beautiful bump bonding body butter from Weleda, and it would make a wonderful gift to yourself or a pregnant friend to use throughout their pregnancy.

Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

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Final thoughts on Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

I hope you enjoyed my review of this sublime body butter for mamas! Have you tried Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Happy massaging!


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