On the road: how you can help your baby sleep comfortably in the car

How you can help your baby sleep comfortably in the car

“On the road: how you can help your baby sleep comfortably in the car” is a collaborative post.

With school holidays right around the corner, numerous families from different cities are preparing for exciting getaways and extended road trips. As a parent, it’s important to realise that having a child doesn’t mean staying home due to concerns about the challenges of travelling. Instead, embrace the opportunity to create cherished memories and unique experiences by bringing your child along on the journey.

When going on a road trip, the most frequent concern of parents is how their child will sleep in the car. Luckily, there are ways you can make their experience as comfortable as possible when they’re sleeping or just sitting in the backseat of the car. Continue reading to learn how to create a peaceful sleeping environment for your child! 

Purchase a car seat

In accordance with local law and regulations, it is important to ensure a suitable and safe sleeping arrangement for children during road trips. While a flat, soft surface is generally ideal for a good night’s sleep, it is not feasible or safe when travelling in a vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to utilise a properly designed car seat that provides comfort and support for the child when travelling.

If you’re interested in purchasing one for your child for your next road trip, which is a must, try to visit the site of Maxi-Cosi. They offer a range of different car seats for a range of ages, including one that you can use from the moment your child is born until they reach age 4.  

Dress them comfortably

Although pretty laces and bows may look adorable, they can hinder your child’s ability to fall asleep comfortably. They may cause warmth, itchiness, or general discomfort, which is not conducive to a restful sleep. Discomfort and quality sleep do not go hand in hand. In fact, this can even lead to sleep disturbances for both you and your baby on your next car trip. To promote faster and more peaceful sleep during car rides, it is crucial to dress your baby in comfortable attire.

Play some soothing music

If your child relies on soothing music to drift off to sleep, incorporating it into your car ride can be beneficial. By playing the familiar tunes from their bedtime routine, you can help create a relaxing atmosphere that aids in their sleep. The combination of soothing music and the gentle vibrations of the road can work wonders in promoting a restful slumber for your baby.

To optimise the effectiveness of the music, it is important to play the same songs that are typically played at home. Familiarity can provide a sense of comfort and signal to your child that it is time to relax and sleep. If your child has a favourite playlist, utilising it during the car ride is even better since you are already aware of the music that facilitates their faster sleep onset.

Don’t forget their teddy

Have you ever travelled with kids before? If not, the first thing you must remember in parenting is never to forget their teddy! If you’re a first-time parent, don’t fret since it’s usually a rookie mistake. However, once you do it, it’s a mistake you won’t repeat twice.

Whether they have a favourite blanket, plush toy, or rattle toy, be sure to bring it with you in the car. Without the “thing,” your child loves most in the world, the chances of sleeping are lessened.

Think of their teddy bear, blanket, or plush toy as the emotional support item they need to bring everywhere. Babies form attachments with things they see and value, so don’t forget this item.

Consider driving at night

Are you going on a road trip? If possible, consider planning your nighttime trip, where you can take advantage of your kid’s natural sleep cycle. This means they won’t be too hyper to fall asleep and relax on the car ride. As the sun goes down, your child may also be powering down, so when it’s time to go on the road, dress them in their favourite comfortable pyjamas, grab their blankets, and go on the road.

When you drive at night, there’s a high possibility that your little ones will be deep in sleep in no time. However, if driving at night isn’t possible, you can alternatively drive around during their nap time. This way, their routine won’t be disrupted, but they will lend a helping hand when you’re focused on the road.

Avoid sitting with them

When travelling as a couple, many parents make the mistake of sitting with their child in the backseat to divide and conquer while the other parent focuses on driving. However, if you stay close to your child when you’re going on a long trip, they may establish an unhealthy attachment habit when travelling.

You can tell if your child has this if they won’t stick to their usual nap schedules or if they don’t try to self-soothe themselves to sleep. When you try to separate them, they would suddenly cling to you.

Establishing a good relationship with your child is essential, but so is letting them gain independence. So, don’t be afraid to stay in the front seat and only move to the back once they make a fuss or need attention.

Final thoughts

Some kids might find sleeping in the car comfortable, but some might not. Whether your child enjoys it or not, the items listed above can help ensure that their environment is peaceful, and thus, they can sleep comfortably. Make an effort for your children to save you some headaches on your next holiday road trip.

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