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It’s important to take good care of yourself and make yourself a priority even though you may be a busy mum. You will be a better caretaker and have more energy when you put your needs first above all else. Remind yourself that practicing self-care isn’t selfish but that it’s necessary for you to do.

It will require some extra effort on your part but your hard work is sure to pay off. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. There are some simple tips for boosting your happiness and well-being that you can give a try.

Get regular exercise

It’s wise that you get regular exercise, especially if you tend to sit around a lot working during the day. A sedentary lifestyle can bring about many negative consequences so it’s good to exercise and move more in general. Set some fitness goals for yourself and mix up your workout routine to avoid boredom. You’ll gain many benefits such as maintaining a healthy weight and improving your mental health. Working out can be fun when you put on your favourite music or call up a friend and go for a walk or hike together. You’ll also likely sleep better at night when you stay active during the daytime.

Find some hobbies you enjoy

You should also try to find some hobbies you enjoy and ways you can fill your free time. For example, maybe you’re someone who wants to spend more time in the kitchen. It can be rewarding to try new recipes and cook for yourself. If you’re looking for something that will be easy and tasty then try making this no bake cheesecake recipe. Your family and kids will love it and they’ll appreciate your spending more time cooking and baking. There are many hobbies you can try, so don’t limit yourself. Instead, try out some different ideas and see what you enjoy doing the best.


Another important aspect that impacts your moods and well-being is your mental health. One simple tip for boosting your happiness and well-being is to participate in some guided meditations. There are apps you can download on your phone and listen to them whenever you have some free time. Meditating has the potential to lower your blood pressure and lift your spirits, for example. Be patient with yourself because meditating can be tricky to do initially. Find a quiet place where you can focus on what you’re doing and then notice the thoughts and feelings that you start to experience.

Try journaling

Journaling is also an activity you can get into if you want to boost your happiness and well-being. It’s great for getting your feelings and emotions out into the open instead of ignoring how you truly feel. You can use journaling regularly as a way to problem-solve your worries instead of holding everything inside. Journaling can also be used to keep track of what you’re grateful for and practice some gratitude. Keep a list of what you’re thankful for that you can review morning and night. Counting your blessings instead of focusing on the negative all the time will allow you to change your outlook and attitude for the better.

Prioritise sleep

If you’re a busy mum then there may not be much time for rest and sleep. However, as part of your regular self-care routine, you shouldn’t skip over this important to-do. Boost your happiness and well-being by prioritising getting good and enough sleep. If you have small children then try to put your feet up and rest when they take a nap. Find a relaxing bedtime routine you can stick to instead of playing on your devices and stimulating your brain. Lack of sleep can make you feel moody and you may tend to have a lot less energy to get you through the day.


These simple yet important tips are some ways in which you can boost your happiness and improve your well-being. Commit to giving them a try and notice how much better you feel throughout the day. Changing your habits and ways can be challenging at first so give yourself a chance to adjust to your new routine. At the very least, try to slow down and be more mindful to live in the present moment and not worry too much about the past or future. Avoid overthinking so much and try to enjoy each new day as it unfolds. Life will be more rewarding when you are well-rested and focusing on yourself and your needs first and foremost.

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