“The millennial’s guide to thriving in today’s anxious world” is a collaborative post.

As a millennial, you probably feel like your parents’ generation got off much easier than your own, especially when it comes to anxiety and other mental health issues. In fact, it’s likely that you and your friends discuss anxiety on a daily basis. While it’s great to be aware, you deserve to not only survive in an anxious world but thrive in it. While you explore the option of OTC anxiety medication, here are some guiding principles and tips you can use to successfully navigate anxiety in today’s world.

Tips and techniques

It takes a specific set of coping mechanisms to navigate the world today, which is why, as a millennial, you need a different set of tips and techniques than your parents and their parents. There’s no need to pretend that things don’t make you anxious. You will probably start to feel better by simply identifying and acknowledging what triggers your anxiety. Some of the most common things that can cause anxiety are:

  • Social media use
  • Financial stress
  • Family pressure
  • Career uncertainty
  • Medical or health issues

When something makes you feel anxious, decide how much control you have to change your situation. If being on social media has a net negative impact on your anxiety, set a limit for how much time you spend on your phone every day. When finances are the issue, take control by setting a budget and sticking to it.

Dealing with family or health issues can be more complex because you often have less control over those situations. Embrace techniques such as meditation and mental grounding exercises for those days when you can’t avoid encountering your anxiety. OTC medications can offer extra support, and you can check out online resources to answer the question, “Is Brillia safe to take with RX prescriptions?”

Building a supportive environment

Building a supportive environment is going to be incredibly important for you as you navigate your anxiety in today’s world. Just as toxic people can take a toll on your wellbeing, healthy relationships can have a very strong positive impact on your mental health.

Take time to investigate which relationships in your life fill up your cup. The people you feel closest to shouldn’t make you feel judged for being anxious. Instead, your support network should consist of people who support you and offer help without wanting anything in return. These are the people you should stay in touch with most often, the people who deserve your time and attention.

Focus on shared values and honesty in your relationships. It takes a lot of strength to communicate your needs. You may also benefit from talking it out with a professional psychiatrist and therapist.

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