To my dear Lydia,

Your first birthday is here, and how we’ve loved being your mummy and daddy for a whole year. What a little treasure you are. Happy 1st birthday, Lydia!

Tiny sweetheart, you came into the world so peacefully. Our third child, you’re so happy and contented. You remain utterly sweet natured and so amicable, despite me feeling like you’ve had less attention than your siblings did at your age.

Jonah and Cara absolutely dote on you. And even though we moved house this year, we still managed to squeeze in time for baby massage, and baby yoga, which I didn’t do with the others when they were small.

Thinking about our house move, I’m so glad we did it. You’ll soon be taking your first steps in our garden. Your brother and sister only had a yard at your age and the garden has so much to offer you.

Lydia in the garden

You started crawling at 8 months old, and you’re almost ready to walk now, which is wonderful to watch. I can barely keep up with you as you scoot around the house, your little hips swaying as you go.

First words

Your first words were mama and dada. You can say bear, rabbit, no (hilariously), pum (your word for anything scary, from pumpkin) and you have the uncanny ability to copy phrases. This could be pretty much anything we say – the most amusing being “let it go” from the Disney film Frozen. Although it comes out sounding more like “cotty go!”.

The pout

You’ve gone through a few phases, such as “the no no head”, but without a doubt the funniest is “the pout”.

Lydia pouting

It comes out at the best of times and you really mean it too!

Some firsts

You had chickenpox but took it in your stride. Covid didn’t spare you but you flew through that, too. You enjoyed your first trip to the circus, and your siblings loved it also!

Favourite things

Here are a few of your favourite things:

Toys: “Eggbutt” your soft doll, your talking Fisher Price chair, anything from the kitchen cupboards.

Food: sausages, beans, and oranges.

Things to do: bathing, “emptying” the dishwasher, making mud pies or “cakes” out of things you find, putting lids back on things.

Your sensitive skin

When you started eating food at six months old, we discovered you have a cow’s milk protein allergy. Looking back, we realised that my milk and me eating cow’s milk was probably exacerbating your eczema.

This winter, I can see that your eczema is flaring again. And although you can now manage a small amount of dairy products, we continue to seek out ways to manage your sensitive skin.

Final thoughts on Lydia’s first birthday

You are a true light in our lives, little one. We can’t wait to spend another year with you our little darling! Happy 1st birthday, Lydia.

Lots of love and baby kisses,

Mummy xx

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