“Your beauty routine after facial piercing: essential tips” is a collaborative post.

Who does not want a glowing face? Everyone wants to look their best, and great skin is always a top desire. Skincare is crucial for radiant skin, however, your skincare and beauty routine will need a few tweaks after fresh facial piercings. Here are some tips that should help you adjust your beauty routine post-facial piercings to promote healing and improve skin health simultaneously. 

Remain mindful of the healing period

Remember you need to keep the started jewellery on, even at night, for about 6 weeks, or longer. The piercing may close if you remove the jewellery during the initial healing stages. The healing periods of different types of piercings vary. You will receive some aftercare instructions from the professional who did the piercing for you. In general, you must avoid harsh products and practises around the piercing, especially when it is fresh. 

Cleansing and skincare

Use suitable skincare products, such as a fragrance-free mild cleanser during the healing process. Before you touch the new piercing or the area around it, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent an infection. Try to avoid getting any products in and around the actual piercing.

Use products that come in a tube, to avoid inadvertently transferring any germs from a jar to your face and piercings. Tea tree oil, with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, might be an effective complementary treatment to the piercer’s recommended process. It can help ease the redness and minimise irritation. You will then be able to show off your luminous skin and gorgeous nose hoop with confidence. 

Makeup considerations

Opt for non-irritating makeup; your piercings and skin will thank you. Applying makeup around a fresh piercing can get a little tricky. You’ll need fine-tip brushes to work around your piercings more precisely and without painful tugging. Q-tips and dove foot applicators could prove useful too. You can use clean fingers, and this method can help you detect sensitive spots that require extra caution. 

Sun protection

The importance of protecting piercings from sun exposure cannot be overemphasised. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to scarring, hypersensitivity, increased pigmentation, and other complications around the pierced area. You may even notice swelling around a fresh piercing on a very hot day. Since sunscreens typically contain chemicals, your best bet is to avoid getting them in or around the pierced area. Protect yourself from the sun by keeping in the shade as much as possible, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Additionally, pay attention to hydration and avoid overexertion.

Professional advice

Seek the advice of a board-certified dermatologist or skincare specialist guidance if you see a keloid forming, or if you have other skin concerns that require the use of specific products that you aren’t sure you can use around your facial piercing. When in doubt, always ask first. Professionals can offer personalised recommendations for your skin type and specific piercing combination. 

Final thoughts on your beauty routine after facial piercing

For a healthy glow and a smooth healing process, you need to strike the right balance between piercing aftercare and your love for skincare. It’s not difficult; you just need to be mindful of your product choices and prioritise being gentle with your skin. With patience and due diligence, in due time, you’ll have beautiful skin to showcase your unique style with stunning facial jewellery.

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