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These days, more and more ladies are buying and wearing wigs. If you need to change your hair without colouring or styling your hair, wearing a bob wig or any other sort of wig is an incredible choice. The bob wig has been well known for decades, and in spite of changing design and hairdo fashions over the years, the bob wig remains genuinely fashionable. In this blog post, we will present what a bob wig is and how to introduce and fashion a bob lace wig. Here are the details.

What is a bob wig?

A bob wig is a wig that is cut into a straight line, with lengths extending from 8-14 inches. This bob wig is made from 100% human hair, keeping the normal colour and finish of the hair for a more practical look.

The bob wig is a haircut adored by ladies of all ages, and it can give you a modern and classic look whatever your face shape or age. This wig is perfect for regular wear and special occasions, keeping you well-groomed and in vogue at all times.

The clean lines and flexible length alternatives of the bob hairdo make it an exceptionally versatile choice. Whether combined with casual or formal clothing, it can exhibit your individual charm. If you need a smooth and sharp image or a delicate and sentimental look, the bob wig can meet your needs.

Advantages of a bob wig

Natural appearance

All wigs from Nadula hair are made from 100% human hair, giving you the most natural hair appearance. Compared to other common wigs, Nadula bob lace wig has a more casual and loose look. These lace wigs allow for simple styling, making you look youthful and charming!

Easy to style

With a bob wig, you can easily make straightforward and cute modern styles. They can be combed and styled easily, saving you a lot of time. If you need short hair or a long bob haircut, you can rapidly and effectively alter the length of your hair. Bob wigs can be styled in different ways to create flexible looks that can be customised for different events, outfits, and moods.

Easy to maintain

The hair length of a short wig is shorter than other long wigs, allowing you to spend less time and effort, making it easier and simpler to maintain.

Less expensive

Choosing a bob human hair wig can save you lots of money. The shorter the wig, the lower the cost. So, beneath the same hair colour and fashion, shorter wigs are more reasonable and competitive. If you have a restricted budget, a bob wig is a great choice.

Lightweight and breathable

Bob wigs are especially lightweight and comfortable, without feeling hot in the summer.

Protects normal hair

Bob human hair wigs can secure your hair from natural factors such as daylight and pollutants, making a difference to the wellbeing of your hair.

How to introduce bob wigs?

If you are at the start of your bob wig journey, you have come to the right place. Here are three straightforward steps to get your bob wig fitted.

Cut the extra lace

Firstly, to achieve a consistent and true look, remove any extra binding from the wig to guarantee an exact fit along your hairline. If the bob wig has baby hairs, you can take off them in front and turn them into sideburns or you can push them behind your ear.

Add the adhesive

Secondly, add the adhesive. Work quickly to avoid any mess from dribbling. At this point, put your bob wig on and blow dry it rapidly. Blow dry at a cool temperature and in a cool environment, or it will become sticky, cakey, and white. At this stage, secure the bind with a gauze until everything is dry.

Groom your hair to perfection

Thirdly, arrange your bob hair with your fingers to make it slick. At that point you can part it at the centre. To make your parting lay level and set any flyaways, you can use wax product or an edge tamer. Use a hair brush to make it smooth, or you can use straighteners to smooth it out. Your bob wig is now fitted!

If you need to make your wig fitting seem a bit more clean along the front, you can try it with no baby hairs. To make your sideburns mix with the wig, you can trim a few hair off the wig to make it look a bit more natural.

How to fashion a bob lace front wig?

If you have a human hair bob lace wig, you can colour it and fashion it like your normal hair. You can colour any colour you like, so get creative! You can use style it any way you please too. But make sure to take great care of your bob wig to keep it looking great.

Final thoughts

Bob wigs are an extraordinary way to shake up your look. These wonderful styles have stood the test of time and come in different lengths and colour combinations. If you do not have much time to style your hair, then try a bob wig. And if you have any good bob lace wig fitting and styling tips, feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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