My January 2020 natural beauty empties marks 2 whole years of writing about my empties! I really love creating empties posts. I get to share all the lovely skincare that I enjoyed enough to finish up, but might not have had chance to review in a separate post. And it has been a bumper month for using up lots of delicious natural and organic skincare products. I present probiotic serum, age-defying body cream, daily moisturiser for eczema, natural haircare, natural makeup, and much more! So let’s get started rooting through my empties box! January 2020 natural beauty empties Esse Plus Probiotic Serum Have you tried probiotic skincare before? It’s recommended by many dermatologists, since our skin is dependent on the balance of good and bad microbes living on and in the skin. What’s the hype with probiotic skincare? Research has shown that probiotic skincare can protect our skin from bad…