Bee Balmy


Welcome back, my empties lover – and happy Halloween to you! It’s time for my October 2020 natural beauty empties. I love October because so many exciting things happen in nature – it is a time of shedding the old to make way for the new. My skincare too, changes with the season. I use a more deeply hydrating moisturiser, and pull out my cosiest of balms. You will find this reflected in my empties. There’s a beautiful natural deodorant – my favourite yet in fact, a deeply hydrating night cream, nourishing moringa cleansing oil, SPF20 day cream, and more. For little people, there’s fun throwable hand and face foam, and a sleepy time foot oil for bedtime relaxation. Fall in love with my October empties! October 2020 natural beauty empties Elsa’s Detox Natural Deodorant Elsa’s Detox Deodorant is their latest offering, mine came in the LoveLula June Beauty Box.…