Enfance Paris


In this review, I’m delighted to introduce a very special baby and toddler shampoo. Enfance Paris Gentle Shampoo is one of the nicest shampoos my little ones have had the pleasure of trying. Since this is my first encounter with Enfance Paris, let’s learn a little bit about this brand. A child’s skin is the most precious there is… French mother Agnès Laffourcade created Enfance Paris to develop the products she couldn’t find in the stores for her children. What makes the brand unique is that its organic clean skincare products are tailored to different ages of children, from birth to adolescence. Since both my children are under 3, I’ll be using those aimed at the 0 to 3 range. The focus is on caring for delicate skin with gentle beneficial aromatherapy-based formulations and natural vegetable butters. I’m so impressed with the quality of the brand. Firstly, all products aim…