Natural hairsprays are the answer to those looking to lead a cleaner lifestyle. We all know that hairspray is a must to set your style, increase its longevity, and control stray hairs. But many conventional hairsprays contain less than desirable ingredients for those trying to live a cleaner life. Read on to learn why natural hairspray is a better choice for you, your children and the environment, plus my top picks of natural hairsprays to choose from. Why you should choose natural hairsprays Most hairsprays add volume and texture and help to give your hair a finished look and feel. But the biggest concern with some conventional hairspray should be the safety warning it comes with, including irritation to skin and eyes, and drowsiness. Synthetic fragrance could also cause concern because its formula need not be disclosed by the manufacturer. Many natural hairsprays use naturally-derived fragrance. In some natural hairsprays…