Natural hairsprays are the answer to those looking to lead a cleaner lifestyle. We all know that hairspray is a must to set your style, increase its longevity, and control stray hairs. But many conventional hairsprays contain less than desirable ingredients for those trying to live a cleaner life. Read on to learn why natural hairspray is a better choice for you, your children and the environment, plus my top picks of natural hairsprays to choose from.

Advert: this post contains references to products I’ve chosen with my credits as a LoveLula Accredited Blogger. My views are honest and my own.

Why you should choose natural hairsprays

Most hairsprays add volume and texture and help to give your hair a finished look and feel. But the biggest concern with some conventional hairspray should be the safety warning it comes with, including irritation to skin and eyes, and drowsiness.

Synthetic fragrance could also cause concern because its formula need not be disclosed by the manufacturer. Many natural hairsprays use naturally-derived fragrance. In some natural hairsprays this is approved by an organic body such as Ecocert, which has stringent policies on ingredient safety.

Natural hairsprays use a pump mechanism which eliminates the need for propellant gas like butane and isobutane. These gases can be harmful if directly inhaled, although this isn’t likely unless you’re abusing hairspray.

Natural hairsprays

A natural hairspray is a great alternative, as it shouldn’t contain silicones, as silicones can harm aquatic life so don’t make a great green choice.

But it’s not just about the undesirable ingredients you’ll typically find in conventional hairsprays. Natural hairsprays are more likely to have a higher proportion of ingredients that will actually benefit your hair’s appearance and its long-term health.

Natural hairsprays are created with your health and the planet in mind. But are they as effective as conventional hairsprays? Let’s find out!

The natural hairsprays

If you follow my posts, you’ll know I’m a LoveLula Accredited Blogger. Each month I receive credits to spend on natural beauty products of my choice. I chose 3 hairsprays out of several others available on LoveLula.

They are simply amongst the cleanest you’ll find on LoveLula! I’m really careful to only use the cleanest of products because I’m breastfeeding my little one.

So without further ado, here are 3 natural hairsprays to hold your style whilst supporting your clean choices.

Rahua Defining Hair Spray

Have you heard of Rahua before? Pronounced ‘ra-wa’, it’s a high-end haircare range from America that uses some rather lovely rainforest ingredients in its luxury formulations.

Rahua Defining Hair Spray is a natural alternative to regular hairspray

At £34, this is an expensive hairspray. However, it’s organic, effective, and filled with hair-loving ingredients. Like all Rahua products, it comes in beautiful packaging which reflects the price. The spray is housed in a clear non-aerosol plastic pump bottle.


Rahua Defining Hair Spray contains just 7 ingredients, which include aloe to smooth, hydrate, and nourish hair, and antioxidant rich green tea to protect hair and scalp and guard against UV damage.


The application is perfect. The bottle delivers the spray accurately and evenly with no dribbles.

After applying the fragrance-free spray, there’s a certain amount of pliability as it dries. This is great for styles where malleability is needed. It also makes it easy to work the hairspray into frizzy ends.

Finish and hold

The finish is totally non-sticky, and doesn’t have that crispy feel which is a big bonus. As the name suggests, Rahua Defining Hair Spray adds definition to your finished style – you can see you’re wearing it, which works beautifully for curls. It also reduces frizz, seals ends, and tames fly-aways.

I find this hair spray offers a medium hold. It keeps my eyebrow-skimming fringe in place despite the wicked North East wind. I find the hold lasts most of the day.


It’s hard to fault this luxury natural hairspray! Choose it if you have the cash to splurge and like to know you’re getting the very best money can buy. It’s super-clean and makes a perfect choice if you’re sensitive to fragrances created with essential oils or prefer an unfragranced hairspray.

Rahua Defining Hair Spray

Buy Now – £34 at Rahua

Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray

Eco Cosmetics are a wonderful German organic brand that offer some amazingly effective certified organic products at very reasonable prices.

Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray

This hairspray is great value for money at £9.95. It works just as well as a conventional hairspray, yet it’s certified 93.79% organic, and 100% natural.


The hair spray contains some lovely botanicals including organic goji berry, organic pomegranate, and orange blossom with organic sesame and organic jojoba oils to strengthen and protect hair.


It comes in a white non-aerosol plastic pump bottle and has quite a strong but pleasant fragrance that’s a little citrus and a little green tea. The spray mechanism of the bottle is sometimes inaccurate, and does occasionally dribble.

As with Rahua Hair Spray, it takes a while to dry – during which time you can tweak your style or set with a hairdryer.

Finish and hold

The finish is light and non-sticky, which is great. However, if you apply too much you might get crispy patches which can be gently teased out if needed. Hair retains its shine which is a great bonus. The spray gives a volume boost if sprayed at roots.

I consider Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray to have a light to medium hold. It doesn’t quite last all of the day, but holds up well to wind and humidity.


This is a great choice for the discerning but budget conscious green beauty lover. Perfect those who appreciate certified organic haircare. The delivery lets this hairspray down a bit, but it’s a small niggle at this great price.

Eco Cosmetics Hair Spray

Buy Now – £12.95 at Pravera

Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray

Giovanni is a long established organic hair care brand. The range aims to be as natural as possible while maintaining salon quality performance.

Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray

This hairspray is great value at just £8.99. It’s something of a hairspray with benefits as it doubles up as a volumising spray. It’s part of Giovanni’s Ultra Volume range, which aims to add fullness and volume to fine hair.


Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray contains a volumising blend of tangerine butter and papaya, which are rich in protective antioxidants and add volume and shine. Several of the ingredients are USDA certified organic.


The spray comes in a white non-aerosol plastic pump bottle and has a really beautiful tropical fragrance that lasts for a few hours. It comes evenly and accurately from the bottle. Surprisingly, it dries very quickly, almost as fast as a conventional hairspray.

Finish and hold

I love the finish of this spray! It’s very light and I like the extra volume boost, since my hair is fine and getting sparse as I near 40 years old. My hair stays shiny after application, which I really appreciate. The only downside is that it does go a bit crispy if you apply too much.

The hold is great, and lasts most of the day. The formulation is designed to resist humidity, which I’ve found to be true.


This value for money natural hairspray is perfect if you have fine hair and want to boost volume. With its fruity fragrance and quick drying formula, you won’t miss your old hairspray.

Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray

Buy Now – £9.99 at Amazon

Final thoughts on natural hairspray

Natural hairspray can be every bit as effective as conventional hairspray, but its longer drying time and wet feel as it dries does make it a slightly different experience. Despite the differences in application, there are so many benefits to be had – not just by avoiding synthetic ingredients, but introducing beneficial natural ingredients to your haircare routine.

We’ve looked at 3 gorgeous natural hairsprays that have very different benefits and I hope they’ve inspired you to make the switch to a more natural hairspray.

Have you tried a natural hairspray? If not, will you? Tell me about it in the comments section – I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time!


Three of the best natural hairsprays with plant based ingredients reviewed, from luxury to budget. Plus why you should make the switch to natural hairspray. #hairspray #naturalhairspray #naturalhaircare


  1. I was so excited to read this! The Eco Cosmetics hair spray sounds like the perfect match for us. I dont use a lot of hair products as i have very thin hair but my wife has very long and think hair and Ive been trying to get her to “green up” her hair routine. Ive given her several products over the last year but every time she ends up back in the drugstore buying **** because of prices and quality. But I think EC might stick and I saw they have a hair mousse as well! Yeah! Thank you for sharing 🙌🏻 X Kari

    • Thank you Kari! They’re a great brand and under-rated I think! All Ecocert certified, I think your wife would love them! Thanks so much for reading xo

  2. I’ve been working towards using more natural and “green-er” products. I don’t use hairspray all too much but I’ve totally spaced on how I haven’t switched to a natural one! I’m going to look into switching to one of these. Natural products are so much better!

  3. I’m always looking for natural products to use and hairspray is no different. Thank you for poiunting me in the direction of these 3 products.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so hard to find good hairsprays that are also environmental friendly! I’ll definitely have to give these a try!

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