Hello, spring! I’m so pleased to see the back of February. We’ve had flu, colds, and viruses all winter. It’s time to welcome in the sunlight and fresh air! And in this post, I’m bringing you my February 2019 natural beauty empties. I’ve had a busy month trying lots of new products, and so many of my everyday products have been emptied. This month I share a well-rounded mix of shampoo, Castile soap, deodorant, body oil and butter, exfoliator, and wipes. I hope you enjoy learning about them! Natural beauty empties Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser Tabitha James Kraan’s hair care system has changed the way I care for my hair. Instead of washing the life out of it, this gentle hair cleanser respects and nourishes it. Why not read my full review of Tabitha James Kraan to find out more about this special shampoo and Tabitha James Kraan’s…