Hi again, empties lover! And welcome to my December 2021 natural beauty empties. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know we have a new(ish) baby in the family. Lydia is doing really well, and since her nap times and wake windows have become a little more defined, I’ve managed a little more chill-out time in the bathroom. Of course, no school run means more time in the morning for skincare. I’ve even enjoyed the odd face mask or relaxing bath in the evening. It’s so important to find time to relax, especially with all the Christmas prep! This month I have a small collection of empties, yet it contains two of my absolute favourites – Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser and Lilfox Couture Haute C Serum. There’s also nipple balm, coconut oil, kids’ body wash, and more! Let’s take a look. December 2021 natural beauty empties Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser This gorgeous…