Little Baby Bum


This post is a little bit different to my usual, but I’m itching to share our experience! I hope you enjoy my Little Baby Bum Live Show review! Have you heard of Little Baby Bum before? Some of my mama friends haven’t – some know it well. For those who haven’t, Little Baby Bum is YouTube’s number 1 educational children’s channel. It also appears on Netflix. Jonah has been a huge huge fan since he was about 18 months old – he’s 2 years old now. In fact, it was one of the first things he enjoyed to watch. What is Little Baby Bum? The cute 3D animations feature traditional nursery rhymes and original songs and centre around several loveable characters such as Mia, Jacus, Baa Baa, Daisy, Pig, Incy Wincy, Baby Panda, Robot, and Twinkle, to name just a few. One of the channel’s videos, The Wheels on the…