Luke + Lilly


Another month has passed, and I’m really enjoying keeping track of the natural beauty and healthcare products our family uses each month. I hope you enjoy reading my March 2018 skincare empties. Boy has this month been tough! First, my external hard drive blew up which contained all my precious photos, and I stupidly hadn’t backed up for 2 years. All Jonah’s baby photos from my DSLR would’ve been lost. Luckily, it had a tiny bit of life in it, so we were able to copy the files onto a new drive. What a relief! I’ve learned my lesson and am now taking weekly backups. Secondly, Jonah picked up a stomach bug and was properly sick for the first time. We really weren’t prepared for it. Then we caught it too, so we were all poorly and feeling very sorry for ourselves. Now we’re looking forward to a healthy April…