Another month has passed, and I’m really enjoying keeping track of the natural beauty and healthcare products our family uses each month. I hope you enjoy reading my March 2018 skincare empties.

Boy has this month been tough!

First, my external hard drive blew up which contained all my precious photos, and I stupidly hadn’t backed up for 2 years. All Jonah’s baby photos from my DSLR would’ve been lost. Luckily, it had a tiny bit of life in it, so we were able to copy the files onto a new drive. What a relief! I’ve learned my lesson and am now taking weekly backups.

Secondly, Jonah picked up a stomach bug and was properly sick for the first time. We really weren’t prepared for it. Then we caught it too, so we were all poorly and feeling very sorry for ourselves.

Now we’re looking forward to a healthy April with no big dramas!

Despite all the mishaps, I’ve been lucky enough to use some lovely products this month, and discovered some others I won’t use again. Read on to learn more about them.

Full size natural skincare products

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

The first shampoo and body wash we bought for Jonah has finally run out!

Jonah in the bath using Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

We absolutely love this cheerful product! It’s gentle, caring, and smells beautiful. We’re working our way through some other body washes, but we’ll definitely come back to this one.

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

Buy Now – £5.30 at Amazon

Ezápé Naturals Chamomile Balm

This lovely balm got Jonah and I through some pretty nasty winter weather. It also helped greatly with my psoriasis.

Ezápé Naturals Chamomile Balm

It’s a gentle blend of coconut oil, aloe, shea, beeswax and chamomile. I’ll be buying this again and highly recommend it to treat dry skin conditions.

Ezápé Naturals Chamomile Balm

Buy Now – £12 at

Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream

I think this is the second tube of this soothing nappy cream we’ve bought since Jonah was born.

The two Weleda nappy creams

A little goes a very long way and it’s my favourite nappy change cream alongside the calendula variety.

Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream

Buy Now – £8.50 at BigGreenSmile

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

My husband and I really like this natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Sensitive Toothpaste

It doesn’t help massively with my sensitivity, because it doesn’t contain the ingredient that fills the little holes in tooth enamel, potassium nitrate. However, it contains some lovely soothing ingredients, has no unnecessary nasties, and is less abrasive than standard natural toothpastes.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Sensitive Toothpaste

Buy Now – £6.75 at Lavera

Pink & Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

This gorgeous bath and shower oil came in the wonderful Skin Organics Beauty Sleep Box.

Pink&Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

I used it in the shower, since I find it hard to make time for regular baths. My skin felt so soft after using it! What a treat.

Pink & Green Relax & Restore Bath Oil

Buy Now – £20 at Pink&Green

Green People Foaming Face Wash

This is a staple in my skincare routine. I use it after oil cleansing as part of a double cleanse. I also use it first thing in the morning since it’s so refreshing. However, Weleda brought out a foaming face wash this month, so I’ve been trialling that.

Green People Foaming Face Wash

Buy Now – £18.50 at Green People

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

I hate throwing even small amounts of product out, but it just had to be done with this one. My husband hates its peppermint smell. I couldn’t wait for it to be done, as I also didn’t like the tingling that comes after application.

I’m no longer supporting Burt’s Bees, as they may be testing on animals in China. Only a few more items in my stash to use up now.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Buy Now – £4.45 at BigGreenSmile

PHB Anti-Aging Cleanser

I wanted to love this cleanser, but my skin hated it! The first time I used it, my skin flared terribly. Judging by the strong smell of it, I’m guessing the concentration of essential oils in this cleanser is high. But I never normally have problems with sensitivity. I know other bloggers in the LoveLula group have got on just fine with it. Sadly, I wouldn’t buy this again.

PHB Cleansers

Browse Now

Travel size products

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Conditioner

This is one of the best conditioners I’ve used in a while, so I’ll be reviewing it in full soon.

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner

It volumises yet moisturises dry ends really well. I love its ginger lemon scent.

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Conditioner

Buy Now – £17.50 at BigGreenSmile

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo

I like this volumising shampoo. It cleans really well and leaves my hair swishy and with more volume than usual.

On the downside, my fringe seems to get greasy quite quickly, which can’t be the conditioner, as I only apply it from the mid-lengths down. So maybe this shampoo is a bit too rich for me. The hunt for the perfect shampoo continues.

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo

Buy Now – £17.50 at BigGreenSmile

Luke + Lilly Lilly’s Lovely Lotion

I bought this for my hospital bag when I went into hospital with Jonah, that’s how old it is! I can only find it for sale on Amazon in Germany. It’s a good moisturiser, and smells a bit like fizzy sweeties.

Trial size products

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

These relaxing bath salts came in the Skin Organics Sleep Beauty Box. They’re basically epsom salts with relaxing essential oils to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

Jonah enjoyed them as much as I did. We popped some in his bath before bed, and he slept well that night. Hurray!

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Salts

Buy Now – £5 at Kiss the Moon

Weleda Pomegranate Body Lotion

I love this body lotion. It smells good and works really well. Thank you Megan Edwards, Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, for sending me this free sample.

Weleda Pomegranate Body Lotion

Buy Now – £21.65 at Amazon

Weleda Almond Body Lotion

This was also a free sample from Megan. I love the delicate almond smell of this one, but I prefer the pomegranate lotion. If you have sensitive skin, this would be a good choice.

Weleda Almond Body Lotion

Buy Now – £12.95 at Amazon

Final thoughts on my March 2018 skincare empties

I hope you enjoyed my March 2018 skincare empties!

In April, I’ll be trying some lovely warm shades of lipstick to replace the MAC lipstick I wore on our wedding day. I’ll also be sharing an amazing fertility supplement, and will be running my first ever giveaway! So please keep in touch by subscribing to my blog.

What natural skincare products have you enjoyed in March? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!



  1. Bryanna Skye Reply

    You used so many lovely products last month! Sorry you had so many stresses – hopefully April is smooth sailing 🙂

    The ecoLogical

  2. That is a lot of products! We haven’t used that much stuff up. I do love the natural rash stuff! It was way better than anything else i had tried.

    • It seems like it doesn’t it! I probably use more than most. Although many of them are sample and trial size, and some have been opened since 2016! Natural rash treatments work well, it’s best to be very gentle.

  3. I’m always looking for natural products and some of these I’ve never heard of. Thank you for this little list.

  4. julieannhoag Reply

    I would love to try the chamomile balm. Love the tea. Thanks for the review on these great products, so many good ones to try!

    • The chamomile balm is so gorgeous and healing, And you are very welcome, I’m glad you found it helpful!

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