As a breastfeeding mama, it’s always intriguing to find premade snacks marketed towards breastfeeding women. These Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars caught my eye in Boots last week – I just had to buy a pack! I am partial to a biscuit or flapjack, so I had to find out what the benefits for a breastfeeding mama would be from these bars. And importantly, if they actually taste good. When I first started breastfeeding Jonah, I was the thirstiest, hungriest mama alive. Seriously, I kept a pint of water and a 4-pack of Co-op granola bars next to me at all times. Probably not very healthy, since one of those granola bars contains about 300 calories and lots of sugar. So, these Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars are a healthier option and have some added goodness to support your body in its breastfeeding role. Obviously, a varied and healthy diet is the best way…