As a breastfeeding mama, it’s always intriguing to find premade snacks marketed towards breastfeeding women. These Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars caught my eye in Boots last week – I just had to buy a pack!

I am partial to a biscuit or flapjack, so I had to find out what the benefits for a breastfeeding mama would be from these bars. And importantly, if they actually taste good.

When I first started breastfeeding Jonah, I was the thirstiest, hungriest mama alive. Seriously, I kept a pint of water and a 4-pack of Co-op granola bars next to me at all times. Probably not very healthy, since one of those granola bars contains about 300 calories and lots of sugar.

So, these Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars are a healthier option and have some added goodness to support your body in its breastfeeding role.

Obviously, a varied and healthy diet is the best way to support your body through breastfeeding. However, if you’re anything like I was as a first-time new mum – I just wanted quick snacks on hand. My baby was cluster-feeding!

These bars are basically a vitamin tablet in a snack. They contain iron, and vitamin D, B2, and B6. You don’t need to take an additional multivitamin when you eat one of these bars each day.

Nutrition in Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars

One bar contains:

  • Iron: if you’re feeling tired and low, it’s well worth getting your iron levels checked, especially after giving birth.
  • 10µg vitamin D, this is the recommended daily amount while breastfeeding. NHS recommends that everybody should consider taking a vitamin D supplement, since this key vitamin can be hard to obtain during winter months.
  • Vitamins B2 and B6, to support a healthy metabolism and energy levels.

They also contain oats, which can increase or help maintain a healthy milk supply.

These bars are almost like a premade lactation cookie!

My box of bars contains 5 bars, and each bar has 114 calories. I picked up cranberry and chocolate flavour. This is how they look:

Eating a Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bar

As you can see there are chocolate chips in abundance. Yum!

They taste really good, and have a chewy texture with added crispy bits. The cranberry goes really well with the chocolate – perfect with a hot coffee or tea.

I won’t replace my multivitamin with these bars, but will buy some for an occasional treat. They’d make a convenient alternative to taking vitamins if travelling for a day or two.

Will you try Nutrimum Breastfeeding Bars? What are your favourite breastfeeding snacks? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


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  1. I wish these were around when I was breast feeding my kids!!!! Are they only available in the UK?

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