You’re pregnant – this is amazing time full of change. But can you still use your favourite perfume? And what if you want to make a switch to cleaner and more natural perfumes? If you need help finding natural perfume for pregnancy, here are my top picks, plus tips for choosing your own natural perfumes in pregnancy. Contents: Can I use perfume now I’m pregnant? Mainstream perfumes are generally considered safe during pregnancy, but there are still some factors to bear in mind. Perfume ingredients are a trade secret, so it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s in your perfume. Perfumes can contain phthalates, known to disrupt the reproductive system – especially in baby boys. Other ingredients include hormone disrupting octinoxate, potentially cancerous BHT and benzophenone. These ingredients are considered safe when used at the recommended levels in fragrances, however some people prefer to avoid such ingredients when pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms are…