You’re pregnant – this is amazing time full of change. But can you still use your favourite perfume? And what if you want to make a switch to cleaner and more natural perfumes? If you need help finding natural perfume for pregnancy, here are my top picks, plus tips for choosing your own natural perfumes in pregnancy.

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Can I use perfume now I’m pregnant?

Mainstream perfumes are generally considered safe during pregnancy, but there are still some factors to bear in mind.

Perfume ingredients are a trade secret, so it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s in your perfume. Perfumes can contain phthalates, known to disrupt the reproductive system – especially in baby boys. Other ingredients include hormone disrupting octinoxate, potentially cancerous BHT and benzophenone. These ingredients are considered safe when used at the recommended levels in fragrances, however some people prefer to avoid such ingredients when pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms are exacerbated by heavy synthetic perfume, for instance headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Pregnant life is hard enough without adding to the complications!

And, as I have found, your taste in fragrance may have changed because of your pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my first baby in 2015, the one thing I was not prepared for was how much my sense of smell would change while pregnant and continue through breastfeeding.

I still can’t stand to wear my previously loved perfumes. And I was such a fragrance junkie before being pregnant!

This all makes perfect sense when you think about it. Our sensitive pregnant selves are naturally avoiding harmful substances, cleverly reducing chemical exposure to our developing baby.

Why choose natural perfumes?

If you’re worried about the toxic load, or simply craving something gentler – natural perfumes are the place to look.

I’m talking gorgeous natural fragrances based on essential oils in a base of alcohol or oil, with no harmful preservatives, sunscreens, or other dubious ingredients.

Safety of natural perfume in pregnancy

Natural perfumes are based on absolutes, resins, and essential oils. Some sources recommend avoiding essential oils in your first trimester. If you are healthy, there’s no reason not to use them sensibly in your second and third trimesters.

Please note, when choosing your own natural fragrances for use during pregnancy, it’s best to check with your midwife or doctor before using them. Checking with the brand to get their advice is also a good idea.

You can also check the ingredients yourself. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about which essential oils are safe in pregnancy, and which are not – here’s a brief list.

Also read this article for a common sense approach to safety of essential oils.

Read on for my favourite natural fragrances I’m using during pregnancy. They smell amazing and some are certified organic. I’m only listing those brands that list all of their ingredients.

I really hope you enjoy them!

Natural perfume for pregnancy

Nurture by Abel Odor

Nurture by Abel Odor is my favourite fragrance of the moment! For mothers, by mothers, this beautiful fragrance is 100% natural and won’t overwhelm your senses during pregnancy.

Nurture by Abel Odor

With top notes of fleur l’orange, Bulgarian rose, and lentisque, a heart of jasmine and ginger, and base notes of East Indian sandalwood – it’s definitely worth getting a sample! PS if you’re in the UK try getting your sample from Ecocentric.

Nurture by Abel Odor

Buy Now at Abel Odor

Maison Sybarite fragrances

Maison Sybarite, the first water-based fine fragrance brand, is reassuringly free from parabens, phthalates, and chemical solvents.

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Perfect during pregnancy, Maison Sybarite perfumes are alcohol-free, a joy to apply, and gentle on the skin. Read my full review of the glorious Bed of Roses.

Maison Sybarite fragrances

Samples from £5 at Bloom Perfume

Pretty Special Beauty Perfume Oils

These delicately scented perfume oils from Pretty Special Beauty are specially formulated to improve wellbeing and mood and are the perfect perfumes from the second trimester of pregnancy.

Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils

The oil-based trio comes in three scents. Beauty Sleep promotes a restful sleep, perfect when you’re struggling with sleeping peacefully during pregnancy. Heart & Soul brings harmony, balance and support – it’s perfect to use during HypnoBirthing visualisations. Serenity is great when you’re feeling overwhelmed by uncertainly while pregnant. I love playing with the bottle and the flowers inside help me find a moment of peace and contemplation.

Pretty Special Beauty Perfume Oils

£35 at Pretty Special Beauty

Balm Balm perfumes

Balm Balm is a lovely clean brand and their perfumes are 100% natural and organic. The perfumes are simply grain alcohol with essential oils. All the essential oils used in their single note fragrances are suitable for use during pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a simpler fragrance that’s not overpowering, this may be what you’re looking for.

Balm Balm Single Note Perfume Gift Set

You can even wear the perfumes together for a multitude of options. Let’s have a look at them:

Lavender ~ a classic, clean fragrance that blends so well with other fragrances.

Rose Geranium ~ a cheerful and nostalgic scent, I’ve found this one to be quite long lasting.

Ylang Ylang ~ I absolutely love ylang ylang so this is one of my favourites – exotic and sensual.

Mandarin ~ who can resist cheerful and youthful mandarin?

Bergamot ~ light, refreshing and citrusy.

Balm Balm fragrances

Buy Now – £22 at Balm Balm

Weleda perfumes

Trust Weleda to deliver on natural, safe, and clean. Weleda perfumes are bright and cheerful – they’re also remarkably long lasting. Weleda verify their perfumes are safe to use during pregnancy which is very reassuring.

Weleda perfumes

The two I have here are Grenade, which I believe is the same fragrance used in the pomegranate range, and Agrume, which is used in the sea buckthorn range. Both are beautifully citrusy.

Unfortuntely Weleda no longer makes these lovely perfumes, but you can still pick up a sample or bottle on eBay.

Weleda perfumes

Weleda perfumes on eBay

Other natural perfumes to try

Neom Organics

Totally on my wishlist to try and completely safe during pregnancy. Their signature perfume is called Energy Burst, a 100% natural eau de parfum to help boost your energy. A fragrance with benefits, and especially useful during pregnancy!

NEOM Organics perfumes

Mum To Be Range

Acorelle perfumes

I’ve tried a few samples of Acorelle perfumes, and although I wasn’t too keen at the time I’d like to try more from the range. Again, not sure about the essential oils used but many are based on a single note, so it would be easy to check the safety.

Acorelle natural fragrances

View at Ecco Verde

Pacifica perfumes

Checking the ingredients on these and natural essential oils are listed as the fragrance constituents. Again, I’m not sure which oils so I’d need to check. I keep meaning to try this range!

Pacifica perfumes

View at Cult Beauty

Final thoughts on natural perfume for pregnancy

I hope I’ve given you plenty of ideas for natural perfume during pregnancy. If synthetic perfumes have turned you off during pregnancy, it’s good to know there are plenty of natural and safe alternatives.

Common sense should prevail, but it’s worth stating again that during pregnancy you should check with your midwife or doctor before using any essential oil based natural products.

What is your favourite natural perfume for pregnancy? Let me know in the comments!

Update: My baby arrived in November – read Cara Grace’s birth story!

You're pregnant and your perfume should be as clean as possible. Need help finding natural perfume for pregnancy? Here are some of my top picks, plus tips for choosing your own natural perfumes in pregnancy.


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