Hello again, my lovely! And welcome to my January and February 2022 natural beauty empties. Since I hardly had any full size empties in January, I decided to merge January and February’s empties into one post to make it a little more interesting. The end of February is always filled with optimism for brighter and warmer days to come. It’s so good to see Spring appearing, including the arrival of beautiful snowdrops. And, although it is said not to bring the first snowdrops indoors as they can bring bad luck, I did it anyway. Aren’t they dainty? In these last two months of winter, I used up a brightening CBD, hemp, and coffee facial oil, glorious rose water, brightening facial mask, and more! I’m also sharing a lot of empties from the Biossance Advent Calendar my husband gifted me last Christmas. Shall we take a look? January & February 2022…