Stockton-on-Tees is our home town – we live just outside of the centre of Stockton in a village called Norton. Along with Billingham, it’s one of the most northerly places in Stockton borough.

This year, local people have been getting really excited because the council seeded beautiful wild flowers instead of planting rigid rows of traditional bedding flowers.

And they look so beautiful! And the pollinators love them! Well done council!

We thought we’d take Jonah down to one of the sites on Bypass Road in Billingham to have a look since he’s very much into flowers, trees, and running around like a small boy who’s just found his legs. Weeeeeee!

Jonah in front of the wild flowers

We’re really happy with the photos we took. You can never have too many photos of your toddler, since they grow so quickly and change fast. We’re both camera nwerds and Jonah is the perfect subject!

Martin and Jonah in front of the wild flowers

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Jonah finds a poppy!
Poppy flower close up

Look mummy, I found a poppy! Okay, just one poppy, Jonah!

Jonah with his poppy and Mummy
Close up of Jonah
Jonah and Mummy crouching in the flowers

Other sites in Stockton-on-Tees to see the wild flowers are:

  • The Glebe, Norton
  • Belasis Avenue, Billingham
  • Billingham Five Lamps, Billingham
  • Thornaby Road, Thornaby
  • Oxbridge Avenue, Thornaby
  • Rochester Road, Stockton
  • Roseworth Entrance Saltholme Nature Reserve
  • St. Mary’s roundabout, Stockton
  • Norton Ring Road

Visit them if you can! You won’t be disappointed.

Red flowers close up

I’m sure there’s some calendula in there! Wish I could name all the flowers but sadly not. Such an array of colour and texture and quite a height too.

Calendula close up
Jonah and Daddy

Can you believe that just beyond these flowers there’s a busy road? It looks like we’re in the countryside. Well done Stockton for seeding such pretty and useful flowers.

Jonah reaching up with Mummy

Watch this, I am totally going to climb this tree! * cocks leg *

Jonah about to climb a tree

Told you I’d climb the tree! Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever it is a 14 month old does.

Jonah climbing a tree!
Jonah and Helen portrait
Leaving the wild flowers


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