Happy 7th birthday, Jonah!

Happy 7th birthday, Jonah!

To my Jonah Sammy – happy 7th birthday, Jonah! Happy birthday, my lovely boy. How has your 7th birthday crept around so fast? Here I am again, writing a letter to you about how much you’ve changed in only a year. As you transition from a little kid to a big kid, we’ve learned so […]

Is Five Nights at Freddy’s safe for kids?

Is Five Nights at Freddie's safe for kids?

If you have kids who like to play video games, then you’ve probably heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). This popular series of games thrills and delights kids with its jump-scares and creepy animatronic characters. But is Five Nights at Freddy’s safe for kids? My eldest son, 6, is absolutely obsessed with Five Nights […]

Jonah is 6 ~ happy birthday Jonah!

Jonah is 6

To my dear Jonah, Happy birthday to you, my eldest son. Many people would say that you are quiet and sensitive – and that’s certainly true. But you also have a silly and funny side that cracks me up. You’re quite unique, a little bit alternative. I love that! You definitely stand out amongst your […]

Happy 5th birthday Jonah!

Happy 5th birthday Jonah

Happy 5th birthday Jonah! All parents say something similar when their child hits another birthday, but I can’t believe you’re turning 5 years old. Where did time go? This time of year is so special to me. The light of the longest days reminds me of that amazing time in my life around the time […]

Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House review

Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House

Hello again, my dear friend! Today I have a very special share for the parents and children amongst us! It’s this beautiful Petite Amélie Wooden Dolls House! I was so pleased to hear from the brand when they invited me to try something from their range of nursery, children’s bedroom, and wooden toy items. The […]

Child scared of vacuum cleaners? How to help

Child scared of vacuum cleaners? Here's how to help

Is your toddler or child scared of vacuum cleaners? My son, now 4, was absolutely terrified of vacuum cleaners for a couple of years. This fear of such an innocuous household item can seem irrational to adults, but it’s actually very common! Most children will outgrow their fear of vacuum cleaners, but there’s a lot […]

Dear Jonah, you are four!

Jonah is 4

To my dear Jonah, Happy birthday, my little son. You’re not so little anymore, because now you are 4! I hope that one day you can enjoy reading our letters to you – it’s funny how the small things slip from our memories. We want to treasure it all. You have come so far in […]

The Starting School Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith – review

Jonah and The Starting School Book

Welcome back, my dear friend! Today I’m setting skincare aside to talk about the latest release from one of my favourite parenting authors. Introducing The Starting School Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith! As new and clueless parents who gravitated towards natural birth, breastfeeding, bed sharing, and attachment parenting, Sarah Ockwell-Smith books and Gentle Parenting (GP) appealed […]