In this review, Jonah tries out Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath to help heal his nappy rash and relax him ready for a good night’s sleep. Not to be confused with Weleda Calendula Cream Bath.

Backstory: after being nappy rash free for fifteen months, Jonah has had quite bad nappy rash these last few days. The problem lies with teething. His nappies have become very runny, and he’s going frequently.

A couple of times this week Jonah sat in a dirty nappy, because I hadn’t immediately noticed he’d gone.

So I’ve been looking for ways to help Jonah’s skin heal and recover. We’ve forgone our usual natural bubble bath and opted for something milder and with active benefits – Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath.

We’re big fans of Weleda Calendula baby products. We use the nappy cream and the body wash and shampoo, and we love them both, so I have high hopes for this calendula bath.

Weleda say that the bath will help to soothe baby after a long day, and can help calm a fractious baby. I hope the calendula in the bath will help ease his nappy rash. Calendula is such a fantastic healing herb!

Let’s have a look at the gorgeous ingredients:

Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath ingredients

Prunus spinosa fruit juice

Prunus spinosa aka blackthorn – commonly known as sloe, conditions the skin and contains beneficial flavonoids. Weleda state that it is suitable for the care of sensitive skin.

Sloe is used to condition the skin


Calendula is healing and anti-inflammatory – it makes a great addition to a bath as a large area of the body can be enveloped to reap the benefits. Read more about the wonder herb calendula.



Thyme is warming and comforting. Since it is antibacterial, it is great for helping to control blemishes and acne. Thyme is great for skin and haircare.

Thyme is warming and comforting

First impressions of Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath

Weleda Calendula range has such gorgeous packaging. In keeping with the rest of the range, this one has the familiar cheerful design with a curvy easy-to-grip bottle.

Weleda Baby Calendula Bath

I thought something was wrong with the product when I first opened it. The product is an unexpected reddish brown colour. I was completely expecting something pale and creamy looking, like the body wash and shampoo.

The colour, however, is natural and normal, and is due to the plant extracts it contains. It barely colours the bath water.

How Weleda Baby Calendula Bath looks

As for fragrance, the bath smells absolutely lovely – herbal and quite punchy. The thyme is definitely detectable! It doesn’t at all smell like the other products in the Weleda Calendula range.

How to use Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath

Shake the bottle before use. After the bath has finished running, swirl in 2 or 3 dashes of the product.

Pouring the product is easy, since there’s no faffing on measuring out messy product into the cap.

The water temperature should be 36 to 37 degrees, which is the perfect temperature to soothe and relax.

Did Jonah enjoy Weleda Baby Calendula Calming bath?

Well look at that little face. This is the face of a baby enjoying his bath!

Jonah enjoying his Weleda Baby Calendula Bath

How effective was Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath?

Jonah was a happy guy after his bath and had a nice long sleep. His nappy rash seemed better the next day, so we continued using the calendula bath over the course of a week.

His skin felt amazingly soft after the calendula bath – and my hands did too, since I had them in his bath water.

As for his hair, it seemed shinier and less frizzy the next day. His hair is getting really long now!

Jonah’s nappy rash improved by the end of the week. Happy baby, happy mummy!

Weleda Baby Calendula Calming Bath is pricey, but the bottle will last a long time. You could always use it alongside a less expensive natural bubble bath.

It is a wonderfully soothing treat that your baby will appreciate. My baby really seemed to really enjoy his bath, and slept well after it.

And I’m quite sure the calendula bath helped heal Jonah’s nappy rash.

The benefits also extend to parents, since inhaling the bath water is very soothing and relaxing.

Weleda Calendula Calming Bath

Buy Now – £14.75 at Weleda

Soothe and heal with Weleda Baby Calendula Bath.


  1. It sounds like a great product. My baby has dry skin issues, so I may have to look into this brand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Milk and Hugs Reply

    Ugh – teething! I remember the nappy’s that resulted during that time…. AND the rashes! My girls are older now, yet we still get rashes for other things. This is worth looking into.

    • Teething is such a hard time for them, isn’t it? Poor babies! Calendula bath is really soothing for mind and body.

    • It takes good care of sensitive skin as there are no harsh foaming agents like with bubble bath. Calendula is healing and soothing. I think your little girl would like it!

  3. cupcake1007 Reply

    Sounds like an amazing product! I love all natural baby skin care as it’s so important to start them off right. I have a little guy with eczema so I’ll have to try this to see if it helps! Thanks for sharing.

    • It really is Cupcake1007! And you’re so right about starting them off right. Weleda are such a great brand. I hope your son’s eczema clears up, it must be hard for you both.

  4. Beola Lawal Reply

    This will help a lot with my kids, I will try out the product.

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