I thought it would be nice to share my first ever guest post here – my positive birth story for Mini Mummie Blogger.

My story is #3 in Romina’s Positive Birth Story series. All too often we hear negative birth stories and tales of pain and distress. This series helps to redress the balance with some amazing birth stories from a wide variety of bloggers. The series goes to show that birth can be an empowering and positive experience, even if it doesn’t go exactly to plan.

Although I’d already written and shared Jonah’s birth story for my own blog, I was so inspired by Romina’s blog. I really wanted to contribute to her series!

My positive birth story

I hope you enjoy my positive birth story for Mini Mummie Blogger.

If you haven’t checked out Mini Mummie Blogger’s blog yet, you should go take a look! Her blog “inspires mummies to believe in themselves and their mummie wisdom”.

Are you also a blogger? Romina hosts a really nice Facebook group helping bloggers to connect, Mini Mummie Blogger’s Collaboration Club.

What do you think to my positive birth story for Mini Mummie Blogger? Let me know in the comments!

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