I was so pleased to be kindly sent this beautiful Storksak Organics baby skin care set by yourhealthfoodstore.com.

Storksak are a British luxury changing and travel bag brand, who also offer an award-winning range of organic baby skin care products.

About the Storksak Organics baby skin care range

The range is hypoallergenic, Ecocert and Cosmos certified, free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances. All the products in the range are suitable from birth.

The English countryside inspires the beautiful packaging.

Each item in the range has the natural fragrance of english pear, honey, and chamomile.

Storksak branding

I received the Storksak Little Traveller pack, which contains a baby balm, body lotion, hand and face wipes, and baby wash and shampoo in a sturdy travel-suitable wash bag. Other products in the range include baby oil and baby wipes.

Baby balm

I absolutely love this Ecocert certified multi-purpose baby balm. It dries completely non-greasy and non-chalky. An impressive 100% of its total ingredients are from natural origin, and 47% are from organic farming.

We use it as a weather block on Jonah’s cheeks during these bitterly cold November days. It leaves no visible residue on the skin after application.

Storksak Baby Balm

At nappy changes, the baby balm has helped keep redness and soreness at bay.

To use it, I scoop a little out of the pot and rub it on the back of my hand to warm and soften it before applying.

Storksak Baby Balm on my hand

The balm moisturises and protects with a blend of coconut oil, beeswax, and soothing zinc oxide.

Baby lotion

We’ve never used baby lotion on Jonah. His skin has never been dry enough to warrant using it. So I’ve been using this Storksak Baby Lotion on myself.

Storksak Baby Lotion

This baby lotion has 99% of its total ingredients from natural origin, and 20% from organic farming. It contains soothing organic aloe vera and mineral-rich marine kelp.

Marine kelp is an amazing ingredient in skincare – it can help with controlling flakiness and breakouts, so if baby is a bit dry or spotty, this may well help.

The lotion smoothes on well, sinks in very quickly, and leaves a nice silky feel to my skin. As with the other products, it has a delicate pleasing fragrance.

Hand and face wipes

Storksak Hand and Face Wipes are Cosmos certified. These strong organic cotton wipes contain soothing aloe vera. The wipes are easy to remove from the pack, and smell lovely.

The wipes clean really well, and don’t leave a sticky feel afterwards.

Storksak Hand and Face Wipes

Of the total ingredients in the wipes, 99% are from natural origin, and 20% are from organic farming.

The wipes weren’t at all irritating, which is great.

Baby wash and shampoo

Storksak Baby Wash and Shampoo has 99% of its ingredients from natural origin, and 10% from organic farming. As with the other products in the range, it is certified by Ecocert.

Storksak Baby Wash and Shampoo

It contains chamomile flower extract which is great for use in children’s skincare since it soothes and calms.

We had a couple of bath-times with Storksak Baby Wash and Shampoo, and found it to be very effective. Jonah’s hair was very soft and shiny after washing with the shampoo.

Final thoughts on Storksak Organics baby skin care range

This is a beautiful range of baby products! If you love Storksak bags, these make a luxury complimentary skincare range to go with them. The range looks so pretty and really captures the essence of english style.

I love Storksak Organics baby skin care range, and I would definitely buy the baby balm again.

The Storksak Little Traveller set costs £20 and you can find the entire Storksak Organics baby skin care range at yourhealthfoodstore.co.uk or storksak.com.

Until next time!


Storksak baby skin care products, a luxury natural skin care range for mum and baby, inspired by the english countryside.


  1. I am so out of the all natural items for babies. This really helps. Love purchasing all natural gifts that are good and healthy for baby and mom and rest easy.

    • Glad you found it helpful. It’s great to find good brands who come with natural certifications. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love your honesty in your review. I appreciate you pointing out the potentially bad stuff in products! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Steph! Yes, it’s completely not black and white. It’s also about how ingredients interact, the concentration used, etc. I once had a terrible reaction to baking soda used in a deodorant, but couldn’t get over it because it was natural! I learned natural is not always safe.

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