Kokoso Baby: gentle nourishment for baby skin

Kokoso Baby review

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If you’re looking for a baby or toddler skincare range for your own children, or as a gift, then Kokoso Baby is perfect. It’s pure, natural, and gentle, with no dubious ingredients. In this post I review several Kokoso Baby skincare products.

The entire range is based on the wonderful healing and moisturising qualities of raw virgin organic coconut oil.

Kokoso Baby’s flagship product is a superior quality, readily absorbed coconut oil. There’s also a gentle body wash in fragranced or unfragranced (for newborns or sensitive skins), and an effective scalp cream – all based on the same coconut oil.

Accessories to the range are a cute baby hairbrush and konjac baby sponge.

Made with love for our babies and yours.

Kokoso Baby was founded by then new mum Lauren who, like all parents, wanted the very best for her little one’s sensitive skin. With a passion for coconut oil, she sought the highest quality, most lightweight coconut oil as a base for her range.

Lauren and her husband Mark gained investment for the range on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. The success of the range is clear – the brand won Boots ‘Inspired by Baby’ competition in 2015 and went on to win other awards including The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards ‘Best Baby Oil’ Silver 2016.

Let’s take a look at the different products in the range.

Kokoso Baby

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is well known for its skin nourishing capabilities, and Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is one of the best choices for skin care. Kokoso Baby is manufactured using a unique and gentle process, creating a lighter weight coconut oil that’s more readily absorbed into your baby’s skin.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

You can use this for all kinds of skin care – treating dry patches, cradle cap, as a baby oil to help clean your baby’s bottom, or as a silky massage oil. It does indeed sink in quickly, and smells beautiful.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Buy Now – £7.99 at Boots

Baby Wash

We fell in love with this gentle baby wash the first time we used it. I use the scented version on myself and my toddler, and the unscented version on my baby.

Kokoso Hair & Body Wash

With aloe juice, coconut oil, and only the mildest cleansers, it gently cleans body and hair while nourishing. The scented version is one of my favourite body washes – I love how gentle it is, plus its mild coconut fragrance.

Kokoso Hair & Body Wash

Buy Now – £8.99 at Kokoso

Happy Scalp Cream

Both my babies have cradle cap, and although it’s harmless, I’m always on the lookout for ways to stop the flaking and unsightliness. I was really excited to try this scalp treatment for the first time.

Kokoso Happy Scalp Cream

It contains soothing aloe juice, coconut oil, and purifying celery seed extract to soothe, smooth, and restore balance to both oily and/or dry skin.

This product hasn’t cured their cradle cap, but it does a very good job of softening the scales and stopping flakiness. Using it regularly keeps both my children’s scalps well hydrated. I love the unique applicator nozzle which makes it easy to apply.

Kokoso Baby Happy Scalp Cream

Buy Now – £7.99 at Kokoso

Baby Hairbrush

This charmingly cute natural bristle beechwood hairbrush is perfect for brushing your baby’s hair and gently exfoliating their scalp.

Baby Hairbrush

Presented in a natural hessian pouch, it makes a great companion to the rest of the Kokoso family.

Kokoso Baby Hairbrush

Buy Now – £7.99 at Kokoso

Konjac Baby Sponge

Consisting of plant fibres, a konjac sponge offers a gentle way to clean your baby. Konjac sponges are amazing because they have natural antioxidant properties and balance the skin’s pH levels.

Kokoso Baby Sponge

The mesh drying bag is so handy to get the sponge air dried between bathings.

Kokoso Konjac Baby Sponge

Buy Now – £7.49 at Kokoso

Final thoughts on Kokoso Baby

My whole family absolutely love the Kokoso Baby range of natural skincare. Based on the wonderful coconut with all its healing and softening qualities, this range really cares for delicate young skin.

Have you tried Kokoso Baby? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Looking for natural and gentle baby and toddler skincare? Kokoso Baby is perfect, with the goodness of coconut oil and no harsh ingredients. Read my review!

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  1. This looks and sounds amazing. I think the branding and packaging is also so pretty and lovely. I love the idea of the sponge!

    1. So pretty isn’t it! Such a lovely range. The sponge is fab for baby neck and hands!

  2. Sounds like an amazing line for kids, I’ve used a Konjac sponge myself and they are really good

    1. It is! They’re brilliant, so soft for little ones as well.

  3. It looks like you found the perfect skincare line to take care of your kid’s delicate skin! Sounds lovely

    1. It really is lovely! We really enjoy it.

  4. mriveraediblesense says: Reply

    With my daughter having such sensitive skin, I think I can use this for her now (even though she’s 13).

    1. Oh it would be perfect! I use the baby wash myself because I love how gentle it is!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful brand. I wish I knew about it when my girls were smaller.

    1. It is a really lovely brand!

  6. Oh, I am totally checking this line out when my husband and I have a baby!

    1. How lovely, it looks perfect in the nursery!

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