We’ve just got back from a gorgeous babies brunch where we got to try out the brilliant Messy Little Thing bib.

Those a-ha moments in parenting, where you wish you’d discovered something sooner? I’m going to share with you just one of those moments.

Jonah is almost 19 months and we’ve been weaning him since he was 6 months old. He still eats with his hands and isn’t that great at using a knife, spoon, or holding a open cup. He’d much rather make a huge mess and get stuck in with his hands!

In true baby led weaning fashion, almost every meal he gets messy. We don’t avoid the mess. We use an eco stain remover to soak his clothes. At the beginning of weaning, we did an awful lot of soaking.

Jonah's first meal
Jonah’s first meal. As you can see, we had no idea how to bib him appropriately!

We still have a hard time keeping Jonah clean when we eat messy meals like tomato sauce pasta, soups, stews, and fresh fruit where the juice runs up his sleeves. Not to mention Weetabix – that stuff just gets everywhere!

We use a large terry feeding bib with a pelican bib over the top. We also use bibs with sleeves, but they are never long enough to prevent his trousers getting covered in food.

So when I heard about an opportunity to try a new bib made especially for babies and toddlers following baby led weaning, I naturally jumped at the chance.

A babies brunch

Disclosure: we received a free bib, t-shirt, and lunch for our family. All my opinions are honest and my own.

We were invited to take part in a babies brunch where, along with other bloggers and their babies, we got to try out the bib in cosy Fratello’s restaurant in Jesmond.

When we arrived, we mingled with the lovely PR company, photographer, and other bloggers, while our babies got to know one another.

Then it was time for a brief introduction to the bib from its creator, Dawn-Elizabeth Howe. It was so good to hear that the bib she created was born out of the same frustrations all weaning parents must experience.

Next, on to the food! For Jonah, we’d pre-ordered possibly the messiest thing on the menu – tomato penne. Pasta is one of Jonah’s favourite foods, he just loves it.

We received the long-sleeved weaning bib, which is aimed at children aged 6 months to roughly 18 months (up to 25lbs / 11kg). The bib comes in 3 colours and is made from toxin-free lightweight material. To clean: wipe, rinse, machine wash, or tumble dry.

Messy Little Thing has a collection of bibs for varying stages, and a handy floor mat.

Fitting the Messy Little Thing bib

The minute I saw the bib, I knew it would be easy to fit. We slid Jonah’s arms into the bib, then used the adjustable tabs around the neck, back, and wrists to give a secure fit. The bib fastens round the ankles too, if needed.

Fitting the Messy Little Thing bib

I really love that, using this bib, Jonah’s wrists are covered up in winter when it’s really cold. Our house is so hard to keep warm in winter.

The bib is full-length, but Jonah has free range of motion wearing it.

Jonah making friends wearing his bib

Perfect, because he didn’t want to go in the high chair right away. Too many new friends to cuddle!

Did the Messy Little Thing bib work?

The Messy Little Thing bib did an amazing job of keeping Jonah’s clothes clean. We always end up with tomato cuffs, but not this time. No leaks, and happy parents!

Jonah enjoying his pasta

Removing the bib

A few rips, and this bib was off. No messing with ties or press studs!

What I love about this bib is that it has a neat little carry pouch for tucking the dirty bib into. It’s so much more stylish than flinging the dirty bib into a carrier bag!

Thanks so much to Messy Little Thing for inviting us to your brunch, and to Fratello’s for feeding us all.

We can’t wait to use our bib some more! It’s perfect if you have a messy little thing of your own who is hard to keep clean because you follow baby led weaning.

Take a look at Messy Little Thing.

Messy Little Thing Bib

Buy Now – £19.99 at Messy Little Thing

Until next time!


Try a weaning bib that will actually keep your baby or toddler's clothes clean - The Messy Little Thing weaning bib is perfect for your weaning journey!


  1. It’s been 17 years since my boys were little enough to need bibs… my how time flys…. this looks like a fabulous present for my sis in law who just gave birth to my beautiful niece 🙂

    • Awww congratulations! Time certainly does fly. And our little ones change so quickly. Thanks for passing this on!

    • Yes, we found this too! We’re using our Messy Little Thing bib for messy meals now and saving ourselves time and effort on cleaning clothes!

  2. I wish I had these bibs when my kids were younger… Then again, they’re 9 & 4 now and they still make a mess at meal times! Haha!

  3. Bibs! So necessary but sometimes so pointless. I used to roll my eyes at them cuz his clothes would get dirty even with a bib!
    This one looks like a great find!

    • It really is a great find! I had the same problem as you… bibs didn’t work. This one does, I’m really happy with it.

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