Care for feet with Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

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Welcome back, my beauty friend!

Today I’m sharing a gorgeous foot balm from a well-loved indie skincare brand. Say hello to Planted Feet Balm from the beautiful Butterwhips!

Now that the weather in the UK is getting colder, I’m finding that a rich balm is a great way to keep my feet in good condition.

I try to use a balm on my feet daily as part of my skincare routine. If I don’t take this simple step, I suffer with dry feet and cracks that eventually split and become painful.

My feet have always needed lots of care. Are yours the same? That’s why Planted Feet Balm has been on my radar for some time. I knew I’d really appreciate it!

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

But who’s behind the brand? I’ve been following Butterwhips founder and formulator Victoria for several years on Instagram.

With Butterwhips, Victoria created a beautiful range of waterless balms for all skin situations. Think delicate face balm with immortelle, and “exotically tranquil” and “warmly relaxing” body butters. This range is for the whole family, with gentle nourishing baby balms and beard balms for the hairy people.

The texture of these balms really is something else. Light, whipped – and a joy to use. And they’re super fresh and preservative free, so use them quickly!

However, Planted Feet is a little different to other Butterwhips balms. So let’s learn more about this fantastic foot balm now!

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

Planted Feet is a freshly scented balm, perfect for dry and cracked feet.

The fresh scents of garden and forest combined, peppermint and black spruce will ease your tired feet and soften hard skin.

At the base of the balm, the simple ingredients include organic shea butter, apricot oil, and arrowroot powder. Plus essential oils of peppermint leaf and black spruce.

The balm is suitable from age 12 years and over.

Using Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm comes in a beautiful metal recyclable tin. It’s a creamy, white, firm balm. The texture is harder and waxier than other Butterwhips balms.

Texture of Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

I was worried that the balm’s fragrance would be overwhelming, but this isn’t the case at all. It has a delicate scent that is indeed reminiscent of garden and forest – delicately pine and mint.

Upon warming with the hands, the balm becomes softer and more pliable. A little goes a long way as I smooth it over my feet every morning after my shower.

After a few moments to sink in, the balm feels like it creates a protective barrier over my feet to prevent moisture loss. Immediately my feet feel softer and well protected. After a week of use, my feet are supple, smooth, and the cracks in my heels are lessened.

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

Buy Now – £10 at Butterwhips

Final thoughts on Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm

Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm has quickly become one of my favourite foot balms! It’s so lovely to use, works well to keep my feet healthy, and feels very pampering.

I’m sure you’ll see it pop up in my empties post soon!

Visit to learn more about the entire range.

What’s your favourite foot balm? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch with future posts.

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  1. I don’t have a favorite foot balm, but I definitely need one. My feet are so dry lately.

  2. I need to pick this up. My feet could use the help and this sounds incredible.

  3. My feet get awfully cracked in the summer believe it or not so I’m always looking for great foot care products.

  4. This looks promising. I very much need a foot balm for winter.

  5. I’ve been looking for a good foot balm for AGES! I have no idea why my feet always suffer the most but they do, and I have yet to find the perfect solution. This looks awesome!

  6. I just started using this and I am LOVING it!

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