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Welcome back, my dear friend! Today I’d love to talk about a beauty brand close to my heart – it’s the wonderful Sakrid Beauty!

Sakrid brings us clean and conscious skincare and haircare that’s organic, vegan, and sustainable.

The founder of Sakrid, Natalie Elliott, is a true inspiration to women and mums. Not only is she the founder of the clean beauty line, she also talks weekly on her radio show, The Natural Beauty Show – hosted by UK Health Radio.

Back in December I was honoured to talk about safe baby skincare on Natalie’s radio show, so do have a listen. I was in good company with guests including Baby Centre and Scentered.

But, back to Sakrid. In a market that is so filled with “clean beauty”, what stands Sakrid apart from other clean beauty brands?

Natalie’s brand came about during her mother’s fight against breast cancer, making finding only the cleanest and safest beauty products all the more poignant.

We are Sakrid, and we are lovingly removing harmful and questionable ingredients from self care products, for you, your family and your loved ones.

I can attest that Natalie is relentless in her pursuit of cleaner and safer ingredients for the whole family. As a mum of two, she goes to great lengths to ensure only the safest ingredients make it into Sakrid products.

Sakrid truly care about every step in the supply chain too, only using like-minded local suppliers. Think recycled plastics, chemical free print materials, and sustainable supply chains.

And let me start by saying, I absolutely love Sakrid products! I was so happy to try the entire range, including the Face Wash, Facial Serum, and Facial Moisturiser. I also tried the Organic Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner.

Would you like to hear how we got on? Let’s do it!

Sakrid Beauty

Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash

A good face wash product is a regular part of my clean skincare routine. I use face wash as the second step of my double cleanse, and in the morning as a single step cleanse, especially in summer.

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash

Sakrid’s Organic Face Wash promises to deeply cleanse and enrich cell renewal to promote a natural, healthy glow. It’s been cleverly formulated to keep outbreaks at bay while nourishing dry skin.

Scanning over the ingredients, you’ll find antioxidant green tea leaf extract, turmeric, calming aloe leaf extract, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and stabilised vitamin C from Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP).

The fragrance is a real mood booster, delicate and natural – and comes from cheerful grapefruit, orange, exotic neroli, ylang ylang, and grounding vetiver.

Sakrid Face Wash is a light gel that comes in a squeezable flip top plastic tube made from post-consumer waste recycled plastic. This is a big 150ml tube, and it’s going to last a long time!

Squeezing the gel from the tube, it’s quite easy to take too much into my hand. Should this happen I use it to cleanse my hands, so nothing is wasted. This cleanser doesn’t foam but does produce a small amount of lather. It’s easy to wash away and my skin feels really clean but not at all taut or dry, and my cleansing stage is complete.

I really do like this cleanser and I can see it becoming a firm favourite over the coming months, and especially in summer when gel cleansers feel extra refreshing.

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash

Buy Now – £17 at Sakrid

Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum

When I first encountered the Sakrid Facial Serum and Facial Moisturiser products, I noticed how similar they are – both in the same bottle and with very similar colours. However, once out of the bottle they are different products and complement each other wonderfully.

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum

Superfood Serum prepares the skin for more skincare products to come. It is rich with super food ingredients that promote firmer, brighter, and uplifted skin. The fragrant serum promises to boost hydration while bringing a glow to the skin – without overloading it.

The ingredients I love in the formula include rose flower water, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C as MAP, and moisturising avocado oil.

The key note in the fragrance of the serum is beautiful neroli, although it also contains grapefruit, petitgrain, vanilla, ylang ylang, vetiver, and immortelle.

Texture of Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum

Both the Facial Serum and Facial Moisturiser come in a 50ml glass pump bottle.

The serum has a light lotion texture and applies like a non-runny lotion.

I really love how quickly the serum sinks in. It’s a fantastic serum that’s great on school days since I can apply other products almost straight away. There’s no slippery feel with this serum.

My skin is left well hydrated, smooth, comfortable and ready for the next step.

I know this serum is a great investment in my skin with its boost of nutrients.

Next up, moisturiser!

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum

Buy Now – £29 at Sakrid

Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser

Superfood Moisturiser is already one of my favourites to use in the morning. It moisturises my skin beautifully, leaving a matte but glowing finish. My skin is thanking me for the benefits of willow bark, pomegranate seed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin C.

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser

I must admit, I prefer to use this moisturiser in my AM routine, and switch to something richer in the evening – not because it’s more moisturising, but because I love the finish of Superfood Moisturiser and I want to save it for the daytime!

I have normal to dry mature skin with occasional hormonal breakouts. The moisturiser works well to address all of my daytime concerns.

One of my favourite things about Sakrid Facial Moisturiser is its ability to matte down a facial oil used underneath. On makeup free days, I’m left with a semi matte, dewy complexion. No more shiny face on the school run! Under makeup, it sets up a base that needs no primer.

Sakrid Superfood Facial Moisturiser has the same fragrant ingredients as the serum, but is less discernably fragranced.

There’s a tightening effect with this moisturiser also, which is fabulous for my mature skin and perfect for daytime use.

Texture of Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser

My skin is comfortable and well protected, even throughout the harsh February we’ve had this year.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the moisturiser. It’s a lovely product and it works really well for my skin type, and perhaps many others – especially combination.

Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser

Buy Now – £24 at Sakrid

Naturally Nourishing Organic Body Wash

This beauty is waking me up with a smile. Its zingy but delicate peppermint, tea tree, and lime fragrance is enlivening and comes with skin benefits.

Sakrid Naturally Nourishing Organic Body Wash

The body wash comes in a super large 300ml recycled and recyclable plastic bottle with a flip cap. The gel texture sometimes shoots a little too far out of the bottle, but I think this will lessen as the amount of product in the bottle reduces.

Working the gel into my skin, a soft gentle lather comes from natural foaming agents along with green tea and aloe.

My skin is never stripped by Sakrid Body Wash, even in these colder months. And a clean feeling with a welcome happiness boost is just what I need each morning!

Sakrid Naturally Nourishing Organic Body Wash

Buy Now – £15 at Sakrid

Clean + Calm Organic Shampoo

This shampoo is a new favourite of mine. My winter scalp is really appreciating the comfort of its lavish oat milk and aloe vera ingredients!

Sakrid Clean + Calm Organic Shampoo

Both the shampoo and conditioner come in super sized 300ml recycled and recyclable plastic bottles with a flip cap. They’re sure to last a long time!

How did I find Sakrid Clean + Calm Shampoo? I love it! Because although my scalp and hair tend towards dryness, many shampoos for dry hair leave me with greasy roots on day two. Not this shampoo! So it’s great for a mum who has little time.

I like the scent of both the shampoo and conditioner too, which is sultry yet refreshing – with frankincense, mandarin, and sandalwood. The only downside I’ve found is that the shampoo is slightly runny and tries to slip away sometimes.

My scalp is comforted and my hair is cleaned, but not stripped – and definitely never overloaded.

Sakrid Clean + Calm Organic Shampoo

Buy Now – £18 at Sakrid

Smooth + Silky Organic Conditioner

Finally, let’s take a look at Sakrid Smooth + Silky Conditioner. This conditioner contains oat milk, coconut, and argan oils for well nourished tresses.

Sakrid Smooth + Silky Organic Conditioner

The delightful texture feels creamy and moisturising and is easy to distribute through my hair, especially when using my Sakrid comb.

My hair feels smooth, swishy, and well cared for.

I’m really happy with the results of my Sakrid haircare duo as they help to extend my wash while keeping my hair in great condition.

My 4 months postpartum hair loss is certainly a downer, but these two are bringing a smile to my face.

Sakrid Smooth + Silky Organic Conditioner

Buy Now – £18 at Sakrid

Final thoughts on Sakrid Beauty

Sakrid Beauty fulfils every need when I look for clean skin, hair, and body care. I love Natalie’s approach to family first beauty products – she is truly a woman of the same heart.

View the entire range at or find inspiration through squares @wearesakrid.

Do you like the sound of Sakrid? Will you try any of their products? Let me know in the comments section below.

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