The first time you hold your newborn baby, nothing in the world matters, but just a couple of days after your hospital visit, people start to comment on your flat butt. If you don’t want to deal with this, you should consider fixing the problem, but how?

Well, for starters, adding protein supplementation is a great way to get you going, but there are a variety of exercises and things you can do to fix a flat butt after pregnancy. Today, we explore some of the best methods that should make it possible to get back your normal butt.

Nutrition is a great starting point

Let’s face it, during your pregnancy, you probably had cravings for everything and some of these things can be quite weird. However, the problem is that many women overeat during pregnancy, which makes them gain fat. Additionally, they stop being active, which means that the muscle disappears.

This all culminates in a flat butt by the time she you delivered the baby and if you continue eating, you will most likely gain some fat as well. The first thing to note is that if you want your butt to be back in the best condition, your diet is the first priority. Leave those chocolates and rather consider a healthy snack.

There is one caveat, and this nutritional tip should be followed when you are done with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding takes a ton of energy from your body and your body will often use some of the fat on your butt to help with the production of nutrient-dense breastmilk. However, a good diet that replaces some of these nutrients will often help you to sustain your perky butt even after you have stopped breastfeeding.

If nutrition is tough, adding protein supplementation is often a great way to combat this.

Working out

The best way to get your butt back into the shape that it was prior to your pregnancy would be to exercise and with some good exercise, you should be able to tap into something many experts call “muscle memory”. Whilst muscle memory is still heavily debated, we do understand that muscle never really goes away and should return much faster the second time.

Choosing the best exercises can be daunting and would also depend on the specific level of fitness you have post-pregnancy. Some women are ready to run 5 miles, whereas other women find it incredibly hard to walk up two flights of stairs. These are a couple of things to also keep in mind.

However, those who do choose to face training can start with some of the more traditional exercises. In fact, many of these exercises can be started at home and without any weights. You can then either purchase some weights or subscribe to a gym membership if you notice a lot of progress. Here are some great exercises to get your butt into a perky shape again:


Squats are the most popular of all the leg exercises and since you don’t need weights, you can start with this exercise in the comfort of your own home. About 3 sets of 15 would do the trick initially. It is one of the best for a better butt.


Lunges can be a complicated option, and there are numerous different variations you can do. However, lunges will be some of the best exercises that you can choose to do, and it is also something you can do at home, without the assistance of weights. Lunges will also strengthen your hamstrings and inner thigh.

Hip thrust

Anyone you ask about glute-specific exercises will always refer you to the traditional hip thrust. The hip thrust is one of the best options for those looking to rebuild the glute muscle. You can perform this at home with a floor and add some weight and variation to it as you get stronger.

Box Jumps

Finally, the box jump is another option you can do at home and whilst it is a little more dynamic, it also helps you burn some of the excess fat, which makes your butt look much better in any case. The box jump might be a bit daunting at first, but you will get used to it. Once again, you can add variations to it as needed.

Essentially, the most important thing for anyone who is looking to improve is to get moving and put in some effort. The fact of the matter is that nothing will return if you don’t work for it. Thanks to muscle memory, you can expect to see some results in half the time.

Walking and moving

Now, this one might be part of working out, but since it is so effective, it deserves a spot for itself. Walking is one of the easiest ways to build your butt muscles and you don’t need to view it as an exercise. In fact, you can go on a hiking trip and even have some fun with your friends. Choosing to park farther away and walking to the store is also great.

As you get more comfortable with walking, adding in a light jog might also help. The ultimate goal is to get you to sprinting. Sprinting is one of the best exercises for a perfect butt and if you want a more improved version of your butt, consider adding sprints into the fray.

Final thoughts on fixing a flat butt after pregnancy

Regaining your shape or even improving on it after pregnancy is not only a possibility, but something you need to actively focus on. Not only does it make you feel better but will also ensure you have optimal health. But which exercises did you use to get back your pre-baby butt? Let us know in the comments.

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