“5 on-the-go makeup essentials to keep in your purse” is a collaborative post.

If you spend time in the morning giving yourself just the right look, it can be frustrating when halfway through the day, you realise you need to fix or remove your makeup. You likely don’t have the desire or capacity to carry your makeup bag around with you. However, there are a few things you should keep in your purse for those unexpected touchups.

1. Concealer

First on our list of makeup essentials to keep in your purse. You may not want to carry your bottle of foundation for little touchups, but you should carry some concealer. You probably won’t need to reapply your makeup entirely during the day, and a high-quality foundation should stay on your skin, but you may need to spot-treat throughout the day. Concealer works great for these applications. Although you don’t want to use it to cover your entire face, it will do a great job on the little imperfections you see throughout the day.

2. Your favourite lip shade

Talking, eating and drinking all wear your lip colour down throughout the day. Therefore, to maintain a fresh look, you should have tinted lip balm, lipstick, or lip stain in your favourite shade. Make sure the product is moisturising for your lips. If you choose a neutral or versatile shade, it won’t matter what you wear or what your initial makeup looks like.

3. Blush

To maintain your rosy glow, you should also have your favourite blush in your purse. You can choose a cream or stain product that you can lightly rub into your cheeks to give your face a little colour.

4. Pencils

Pencils are small items, so you can carry a few of them. Include an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows. This is especially important during times when you sweat and need to dab or wipe sweat off your forehead because your eyebrow pencil may come off with your sweat. Add in a neutral eyeliner that will go with any makeup look. Finally, choose a lip liner that matches or contrasts nicely with your favourite lip shade. You can also choose a more neutral option if you need to add some moisturising lip balm.

5. Small eye shadow palette

Although you won’t always have the ability to carry the colours you wear every day, you can include a small eyeshadow palette with colours that work with a variety of outfits. However, choose colours that also enhance your eyes and look great with your complexion. In this way, you can repair your eye makeup quickly.

Bonus item: makeup wipes

There are times when you need to fix a smudge, clean a spot, wipe off sweat or start with a fresh palette. During these times, you don’t want to try to wash your face with the soap and water you find in a public restroom. Instead, you need something that will make your face feel clean and refreshed.

Therefore, stash some makeup remover wipes in your purse. These products won’t burn or harm your eyes and are gentler on your skin. You can purchase small packs that fit well in your purse.

The makeup products you carry in your purse greatly depend on your makeup routine. You may want to add a Patrick Ta Mascara or brow gel, but choose items that are the foundation of your style.

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