Welcome back, my beauty friend! This post is all about natural beauty Christmas gifting! Have you thought about Christmas shopping yet? Natural beauty lovers will find all kinds of gift ideas at natural beauty stores online.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

With a budget of £50, I want ritualistic, sensual gifts that not only look beautiful, but offer a sensory experience. I want to delight my recipients with something unique!

What did I pick up? There’s a rose ritual bedside set, a sacred and harmonious temple balm, a beautiful wild crafted snow soap from Siberia, and a personalised star sign lip balm that’s sure to bring a smile.

Read on to learn more about the individual products. The truth? I can’t bear to give them away!

Natural beauty Christmas gifting

Kiss The Moon Love Rose Ritual Bedside Set

Knowing that good sleep is fundamental to a successful beauty regime, Kiss The Moon create the most gift-worthy sleep ritual products.

Kiss The Moon LOVE Rose Ritual Bedside Set

This beautiful rose ritual bedside set includes their sumptuous overnight hand cream and an aromatic rose pillow mist. The gift set focuses on rose, frankincense, and ylang ylang for peace and wellbeing at bedtime.

It comes in a luxury black gift box with a velvet pouch. Everything about it feels elegant and well-made. The products themselves come in sturdy glass, and the beautiful atomiser bulb adds real class.

I couldn’t bear to gift this box since it’s been on my own wish list for so long.

Kiss The Moon Love Night Cream for Hands

The hand cream is absolutely beautiful, and everything I expected. It looks like a creamy cream in the pictures, but it’s actually more like a feather light whipped butter. It contains water, which I find works well for my hands as they’re actually dehydrated. On first sniff, the fragrance smells a little like banana, but then it changes to leave a seriously fragrant floral aroma that’s not too overwhelming at bed time.

I was expecting it to take a long time to sink in, but no. It sinks in beautifully and leaves skin ever so comfortable. I actually sneak in a couple of applications of this in the day as I love it so much!

Kiss The Moon Love After Dark Pillow Mist

A few mists on the pillow before bed is such a beautiful ritual and one I’ve followed for a while with Cara, who has her own pillow mist. This pillow mist is wonderfully fragrant. However, I’m having a hard time actually getting it on to my pillow! Unfortunately Cara thinks the bulb is amazing and after playing with it, it’s not spraying very well.

Despite this, I love the idea and I’m so happy with this set. It makes such a wonderful gift. Who doesn’t treasure a good sleep?

Kiss The Moon LOVE Rose Ritual Bedside Set

Buy Now at Kiss The Moon

Ila Spa Life in the Fast Lane 432 Temple Balm

This potent balm is something a little different. It’s touted as the perfect natural antidote to stress headaches and temple tension. Interestingly, it contains vetivert, petitgrain, and cedarwood essential oils blended together for 5 minutes in a crystal bowl tuned to 432Hz.

Ila Spa Life in the Fast Lane 432 Temple Balm

Ila Spa claim that the oils absorb the vibrations, giving the balm a peaceful and calming quality that helps both mind and body.

Why 432Hz? This is the documented fundamental electromagnetic “beat” of Earth; the harmonic intonation of nature. It is said that music tuned to this precise frequency is most harmonious to the ears and the ultimate vibration of calm and peace. Ila Spa note that only essential oils can absorb and retain these vibrations! It’s very interesting and adds a metaphysical element to this wonderful gift.

My experience? I use this balm when my kids are running around my house, disrupting my energy and I’m feeling frazzled. I take a moment to press it into my temples and find some calm. It really works for me, as the fragrance is totally lifting. It is almost like incense in that it lifts me above the day to day.

The balm also makes a fantastic solid perfume since it’s incredibly potent! The fragrance is warm, resin-like, and floral. I’m very interested in Ila Spa brand and can’t wait to try more.

Ila Spa Life in the Fast Lane 432 Temple Balm

Buy Now at Ila Spa

Natura Siberica Handmade Snow Soap

This natural snow soap looks like a giant snow ball inside its beautiful gift box. Natura Siberica use wild crafted organic oils of Siberian herbs, including Snow Cladonia extract.

Natura Siberica Handmade Snow Soap

The soap promises to slow down ageing, improve skin texture, and restore skin elasticity thanks to the usnic acid content of Snow Cladonia.

I can’t bring myself to use the soap yet, since I want to save it for Christmas. It looks and smells absolutely amazing. It’d look fantastic out for guests to use on Christmas day, but we don’t know if that’s a possibility yet.

But wouldn’t it make a great gift for soap lovers?

Natura Siberica Handmade Snow Soap

Buy Now – £5.40 at Streatham Pharmacy

Crazy Rumors Capricorn Zodiac Lip Balm

I’ve had my eye on these cute little zodiac lip balms for a while. I finally gave in and bought one for the Capricorn in my life.

Crazy Rumors Capricorn Zodiac Lip Balm

This lip balm for earth signs blends sweet vanilla, fragrant rose, and plum for my ambitious, responsible, and witty goat friend!

The Crazy Rumors Zodiac Lip Balm makes a great personalised gift inspired by the constellations and tarot cards. It’d totally work for all genders, and who doesn’t need and love lip balm?

Now, just to get my own air sign blend!

Crazy Rumors Capricorn Zodiac Lip Balm

Buy Now – £4 at Crazy Rumors

Final thoughts on natural beauty Christmas gifting

I’m so happy with my Christmas gifting choices this year. I love the special, unique, yet very affordable natural beauty on offer online.

As an aside, I know this Christmas is going to be different for everybody, but I’m going to try and stay positive and make the most of the time we do have with family and friends.

What will you be gifting this year? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to follow and subscribe to hear about my new posts.


  1. I love zodiac stuff so I need that lip balm but the Gemini version… Or and I’ll buy it for my sister as a stocking stuffer too XD

  2. Sounds like they have a great selection of stuff. my brothers gf would love there stuff Ill have to take a look

  3. annaelleliz Reply

    I so need to get started on Christmas shopping. The temple balm and zodiac chapstick are such great gifts to give!

  4. These are great gift ideas! I think I need that temple balm for myself!

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