Welcome back, my green beauty! Today I’m sharing my latest LoveLula picks. This month I chose some amazing Kiss The Moon sleep goodies.

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

Say hello to the wonderful Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Oil and soothing LOVE Bedtime Bath Salts!

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured this amazing nighttime skincare on my blog. I’m a huge fan of products aiming to help us get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling gorgeous. Which mama doesn’t want that in her life?

We all know sleep is so important, and I’m personally finding it harder to sleep in a winter lockdown when it’s hard to get enough fresh air and exercise. Do you feel like that sometimes? Kiss The Moon is here to help!

So let’s learn about my latest soporific additions!

Kiss The Moon sleep goodies

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Oil

A good face oil is a staple of any beauty care routine. I already use oils specifically for nighttime use. With such oils, you don’t mind if you turn out a bit shiny, because you’re treating your skin after dark! GLOW After Dark Face Oil is described as “beauty sleep in a bottle for dry and dehydrated skin”.

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Oil

I love the carefully chosen sleep-inducing aromatherapy oils of orange, geranium, myrrh, and litsea (aka may chang) – selected to “chase away worries at bedtime.”

Deliciously scented citruses and florals combine to chase away anxiety and encourage a positive spirit so you go to bed full of optimism.

What’s litsea oil? According to Kiss The Moon, it’s a citrus shrub with a scent that is similar to lemongrass. It’s used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit.

As well as bringing about a sleep conducive mood, the oil contains some gorgeous ingredients to restore health to your skin overnight. Wheatgerm nourishes the skin while rosehip seed and white tea oil encourage renewal and repair.

I love how it comes in a cardboard box with a little magnetic clasp! It is so precious! The oil smells absolutely heavenly, as you would expect. Almost a heady floral, the geranium is centre stage but mellowed by citrus. It certainly boosts my mood before bed.

Texture of Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Oil

The oil is surprisingly light in both colour and texture, but once on my face it feels pillowy and comforting. Perfect for nighttime use! I’m seeing immediate results of glowing skin with lessened depth of my fine lines. I feel like the oil is very well suited to my “on the dry side” mature skin.

As for long-term results, we will need to wait to see. I left it a bit late to get my LoveLula order in this month. So I’ve only been using the oil a couple of days. LoveLula need to see a blog post published within the month, so apologies for that. But please come back to read a bumper Kiss The Moon post I intend to publish soon.

Kiss The Moon GLOW After Dark Face Oil

Buy Now – £48 at Kiss The Moon

Kiss The Moon LOVE Bedtime Bath Salts

I’m no stranger to these Kiss The Moon Bedtime Bath Salts, but this is my first time using the LOVE blend. The salt base of the product is magnesium-rich epsom salts, which is said to help relax tired muscles and soften the skin.

Kiss The Moon LOVE Bedtime Bath Salts

The salts are infused with Kiss The Moon’s LOVE essential oil blend of rose, frankincense, palmarosa, and ylang ylang. Of course, these bath salts smell absolutely beautiful. I add a handful of the salts in my bath an hour or so before bed. The large bag should be good for about 10 blissful baths.

After taking my bath with Kiss The Moon Bath Salts my arms and legs are so floppy, in a good way! The fragrance really whiles away my cares. I don’t want to use any devices and I can just rehydrate with some fruit tea and curl up with a book for half an hour before retiring to bed.

This bath product certainly helps me to sleep better. Somehow the effectiveness of epsom salts on aiding sleep has become a controversial thing, yet epsom salts seem to work for me – I wake up feeling much better. I think the results last beyond one night too!

Kiss The Moon LOVE Bedtime Bath Salts

Buy Now – £18 at Kiss The Moon

Final thoughts on Kiss The Moon sleep goodies

I’m head over heels with Kiss The Moon. I think they’re such a special brand who really care about getting us a good night’s sleep through beautiful aromatherapy products. If you haven’t already, give them a try!

Take a look at Kiss The Moon’s website at kissthemoon.com for the entire range.

Have you tried Kiss The Moon before? Let me know in the comments. And remember to follow me and subscribe to my blog to keep in touch.



  1. Ok…I need this! I have the worst insomina and at this point I’ll try anything! Plus, a bath! Um, yes

  2. I havent tried this line but sounds amazing. I will try ANYTHING to help me get a better sleep. I do love baths at night so I def need to add some of these bath salts and give it a try.

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