Tam Mason scrubs for soft, nourished hands

Tam Mason Scrubs

Hello again, my lovely! I hope you are feeling well after the Christmas break and January isn’t being too hard on you? Today, let’s lift our spirits by learning about the very lovely Tam Mason scrubs!

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Tam Mason creates nourishing sugar and essential oil hand scrubs that will add a touch of luxury to your hand care routine, make you feel extra pampered, and leave you with soft, sweet smelling hands.

Handmade in Somerset in small quantities to maintain purity and quality, our sugar scrubs will gently feed your hands with long lasting results.

January has to be the worst month for skin. Can you relate? There’s no sunlight, it’s bitterly cold, and the excesses of December are showing.

Tam Mason hand scrubs gift boxes

Add to this all our hand sanitiser use and extra hand washing, and you have a recipe for chapped, sore hands.

But Tam Mason scrubs are here to help, gently buffing rough skin and adding nourishment through the beautiful essential oils they contain.

Why use a sugar scrub?

The exfoliating base of Tam Mason scrubs consists of organic granulated sugar, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E. According to Tam, the practise of using sugar in skincare has often overlooked benefits.

A natural source of glycolic acid, sugar gently exfoliates the skin and encourages skin cell renewal whilst drawing moisture from the environment, thereby hydrating and softening your skin naturally. Sugar feeds your skin and (unlike salt), does not strip it of its natural oils.

Tam Mason Bergamot & Blood Orange hand scrub with gift box

I tried two Tam Mason sugar scrubs. The uplifting Bergamot & Blood Orange Hand Scrub, and the soothing Lavender Hand Scrub.

Let’s see how I got on!

Tam Mason scrubs

Bergamot & Blood Orange Hand Scrub

Tam describes this as a subtle citrus blend to uplift and soothe. The bergamot in the blend is said to give an instant boost. Blood orange is calming, relaxing, and can help soothe aching joints.

Tam Mason Bergamot & Blood Orange Hand Scrub

I love the beautiful textured paper labelling and metal tin. It looks so sophisticated and inviting.

Included in the beautiful box is a small wooden spoon. Unscrewing the lid, I am met with a refreshing and warming citrus aroma.

After a thorough stir to combine all the ingredients, I wet my hands then take a scoop of the product. Gently massaging the scrub into my skin, I enjoy the satisfying sensation of the particles of sugar gently buffing my skin. Then, I simply rinse the scrub away.

The beautiful texture and colour of Tam Mason scrub

My skin is left so beautifully soft and fragrant. There’s a slight feeling of the essential oils coating my hands protectively, but they’re not at all greasy. And the results are long lasting. I don’t need to use a hand cream afterwards. The scrub doesn’t irritate the eczema on my hands – it is ever so gentle.

Tam recommends that the scrubs can be used as often as wanted, which is fantastic news!

The Bergamot & Blood Orange Scrub makes a lovely pick me up for a morning routine and is a gorgeous, quick way to uplift your mood and soften your hands.

Tam Mason Bergamot & Blood Orange Hand Scrub

Buy Now – £15 at Tam Mason

Lavender Hand Scrub

Tam notes that lavender is a real favourite, and that’s certainly true for so many of us. It’s very relaxing and soothing. Tam Mason Lavender Hand Scrub is gently scented – it’s not at all overpowering. Instead, it is sweet, crisp, and floral.

Tam Mason Lavender Hand Scrub

You don’t need me to tell you that lavender has numerous benefits both emotionally and physically. Tam advises that lavender restores, calms, balances and encourages relaxation. Lavender is a fabulous anti-inflammatory, calming distressed skin and soothing any irritations.

This sugar scrub is my nighttime friend, I love to use it just before bed. I sleep so sweetly on my soft lavender scented hands!

Tam Mason Lavender Hand Scrub

Buy Now – £15 at Tam Mason

Final thoughts on Tam Mason scrubs

Tam Mason scrubs have won my heart! A moment of bliss in the bathroom, soft, well-cared for hands, and all the benefits of wonderful essential oils.

Learn more about Tam Mason and view the full range of sugar scrubs at tammason.co.uk, or visit Tam’s Instagram @tammason.

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Until next time, happy scrubbing!


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  1. I havent tried these before but I know I would love the lavender. Do they have body scrubs too for the shower?

  2. Ooh these sound lovely Helen! I’ve never thought to use a specific hand scrub before, but I guess your hands get the benefits with body scrubs too! I’ll have to check out this brand 🙂

  3. My hands are so dry because I work in a store and I have to sanitize my hands after every costumer so I could really use this!

  4. My hands are so dry right now. I love the idea of a hand scrub! I bet they smell amazing too

  5. This line sounds incredible! I love the combination of orange and bergamot – so heavenly. Scrubs and body butters help me keep dry winter skin at bay.

  6. This sounds amazing!! I love the combo of scents and I am looking forward to giving it a try!!

  7. These sound fantastic Helen and I love the packaging, it’s so stylish. My hands look dreadful at the moment, they definitely need some tlc x

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