Back in September last year, I tried and reviewed the glorious Beauty Cleanse Skincare Mean Green Superfood Drops. And I’m still enjoying my bottle of the multi-tasking green facial oil that’s 100% natural and vegan!

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I’ve stayed in touch with this small indie brand and their lovely founder Saman over the months, and today I’m delighted to introduce their recent rebrand! Say hello to Beauty Cleanse Skincare!

What’s changed? There’s a new name, new branding, and a new addition to the product family – Carrot Algae Marine Drops, plus of course redesigned packaging for the much loved Mean Green Superfood Drops facial oil.

Committed to creating high-performance sustainable products through drawing upon the power of natural ingredients to address skincare concerns of fast & urban lifestyles.

The values remain – slow beauty, cold-pressed oils from British suppliers, caring for our planet, and no added suspicious additives. Beauty Cleanse Skincare really care about your skin – you can even join their Whatsapp group to talk about your isolation skincare concerns.

Now we know more about Beauty Cleanse Skincare, let’s take a look at the facial oils now, and learn why Gua Sha can help to counteract the effects of stress on our skin.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Carrot Algae Marine Drops

Featured in May’s edition of Vogue, the latest member of the Beauty Cleanse Skincare family is the wonderful Carrot Algae Marine Drops. Suitable for all skin types, these drops are specially for your face, the under-eye area, and for facial massage with or without a massage tool.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Carrot Algae Marine Drops

It’s touted as containing some of nature’s best performing and regenerating plant oils, and promises to strengthen skin’s resilience to fatigue and inner-stress. They say: wake up to hydrated, de-stressed and youthful-looking skin with improved radiance.

As for the ingredients, I love that this oil is a rich source of antioxidants, thanks to wild-harvested carrot and rosehip oils, both packed with natural vitamin A. In fact, the carrot seed oil used in this botanical formula is upcycled from carrots rejected for food use, further adding to this product’s eco credibility!

Squalane, perilla, and camellia seed oils protect your skin from premature ageing, while microalgae detoxifies acne-prone skin, loading it with extra vitamins and minerals to maintain a youthful appearance.

My experience with Carrot Algae Marine Drops

The facial oil comes in a white glass bottle with a dropper applicator. The colour is bright and looks so healthy! The oil has the natural aroma of earthy, sweet carrots.

Dropper shot of Carrot Algae Marine Drops

I absolutely love the glow this facial oil brings to my skin! I really can’t wait to use it for longer to see if it reduces the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve also found it minimises the appearance of my fine lines. My skin looks really refreshed and perky!

Using Carrot Algae Marine Drops and Gua Sha as your lockdown skincare saviour

I was encouraged by Saman to try Gua Sha for the first time using the new Carrot Algae Marine Drops. I’m not a big one for trends, and most are treated with a dose of skepticism before I part with any money. But I learned that Gua Sha is actually an ancient form of self-massage used for centuries by Chinese women.

It’s early days, but I really believe Gua Sha will make a difference to my skin. Why? During stressful times, blood flows away from face and towards the larger muscles of the body. This ages our skin. But Gua Sha massage applies a gentle pressure to the skin to increase blood flow to the skin in the face. This has an anti-ageing effect.

Check out this video to learn the techniques from a Chinese medical skincare professional.

I’ve found Carrot Algae Marine Drops and Gua Sha a really relaxing and rejuvenating antidote to the stressful and sad situation we find ourselves in during the coronavirus lockdown. It makes a great face oil in winter, too!

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Beauty Cleanse Skincare Carrot Algae Marine Drops

Buy Now – £45 at Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Mean Green Superfood Drops

This potent cocktail works all over for a restorative treat – face, hair, nails, cuticles, hands, and even makeup prep! The ideal treat for dull, dehydrated and lacklustre complexions.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Mean Green Superfood Drops

This nutrient rich oil suits all skin types. It contains natural vitamin C, essential amino acids, and omega oils 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 together with natural UV shields and anti-inflammatory agents. It promises to restore dehydrated skin to full health. They say: expect hydrated, balanced, smooth and even skin tone.

I wrote a detailed review of my experience with this facial oil. To learn more, simply head over to my review of Mean Green Superfood Drops.

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Beauty Cleanse Skincare Mean Green Superfood Drops

Buy Now – £45 at Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Final thoughts on Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Beauty Cleanse Skincare facial oils are one of a kind and a staple in my skincare routine. The brand goes from strength to strength and I love being part of the journey. It’s so great to work with brands who really care about our skin and the health of our planet.

And I’m really grateful to Saman for encouraging me to try Gua Sha for the first time! It’s such a wonderful way to relax and combat the effects of stress on my skin. I highly recommend it!

PS. Beauty Cleanse Skincare has recently launched its wonderful Anti Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil. Well worth a look!

Visit the Beauty Cleanse Skincare website at, check out their Instagram, Facebook page, or join the Facebook group Plant Based Skincare.

Will you try Beauty Cleanse Skincare? Have you tried Gua Sha before? Let me know in the comments!


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