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Pure Purpose Cosmetics

Advert: this post contains references to PR gifted products. My views are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links.

Welcome back, beauty lover! Today, I have a very lovely share for you, one that’s bound to bring a moment of comfort to your busy day. It’s Pure Purpose cosmetics!

Inspired by the power of nature, we created Pure Purpose; skincare brand that draws its inspiration from the healing and therapeutic benefits of plants & herbs – combining our experiences and knowledge of traditional remedies.

I was so happy to hear from the brand’s founder, Magdelena, who so very kindly offered to send me a selection of her products with no obligation to share them on my blog.

I was right to be happy. My Instagram family raves about this skincare. And for good reason – as well as being well-loved, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural, handmade, and multi award winning to boot.

Each batch of Pure Purpose cosmetics is handmade by the brand in Kent with carefully chosen ingredients from nature. These ingredients are selected to nourish and heal, as well as beautify.

The brand so rightfully lives up to its name of “skincare with a purpose”.

I really love Magdelena’s personal story. As a single mother of three children, when founding Pure Purpose, she was looking for a way to support her family through a small business. This surely is skincare from one mother to another! I love supporting small brands in this position, rather than fuelling an already profiting mainstream cosmetics industry.

Now we know more about this gorgeous brand, would you like to learn more about the products I tried? Let’s do it!

Pure Purpose

Green Tea Balm

I love a good multipurpose balm, and Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm is just that. It’s created for facial use, but it can also be used heal, soothe, or moisturise any part of the body. It contains green tea extracts which are said to nourish and purify.

Pure Purpose Cosmetics Green Tea Balm

I love the formulation of butters including mango, green tea, kokum, alongside black cumin and hazelnut oils.

The balm has the most beautiful light green colour. It’s delicately scented with citrus. It’s thick, but not hard to use. I find it melts into my skin and sinks in quite well. Unless for healing purposes only, I use balms on damp skin to ensure they keep my skin hydrated. The balm leaves my skin soft, plump and comfortable.

Texture of Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm

We’ve used this on my eczema, psoriasis, the kids scrapes while healing, my husband’s dry knees, and also as a facial cleanser. It does it all! It’s a really gorgeous balm, and a wonderful addition to our family skincare cabinet.

Overall verdict: a vibrant, moisturising and healing multipurpose balm that’s good for the whole family.

Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm

Buy Now – £20 at Pure Purpose

Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream

I usually make my own deodorant, but I love trying other natural deodorants to see how they compare. And I’m really impressed with Pure Purpose Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream!

This deodorant uses bicarbonate of soda to combat odour while corn starch absorbs moisture. Refreshing lemon brings a lovely scent and helps give 12 hours of freshness.

I find that I often get irritated by deodorants using bicarbonate of soda, but I’m happy to report no irritation so far with this one. It’s recommended to apply it every 12 hours, but I’m using it once a day with good results.

The fresh lemon scent is so nice to experience in the morning. The deodorant’s texture is beautiful, and so easy to apply.

And best of all it’s keeping me fresh until the next morning. I have found with natural deodorants that their efficacy drops off over time, so I’ll update you in my empties on how this performs over time.

Texture of Pure Purpose Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream

By the way, the deodorant doesn’t stop all moisture, but that’s what sweating is for – so I prefer not to block it!

And satisfyingly, Lemon Breeze hasn’t stained my pale coloured tops as some natural deodorants do. A total win!

Overall verdict: a zingy lemon and bicarb deodorant for lasting freshness and moisture control.

Pure Purpose Lemon Breeze Deodorant Cream

Buy Now – £9.50 at Pure Purpose

Silky Feet Foot Balm

Without daily care my heels and feet get terribly dry. I must admit, I’ve got out of the habit of applying foot balm, so it was lovely to receive this Silky Feet Foot Balm!

Pure Purpose Silky Feet Foot Balm

It promises to nourish and repair cracked heels while moisturising, soothing, and deodorising feet – and I’ve found all this to be perfectly true!

Firstly, the scent is divine. Who knew the combination of peppermint and grapefruit could be so good? Its texture is surprisingly grainy, but it works out great, melting well and sinking in quickly without being greasy.

Texture of Pure Purpose Silky Feet Foot Balm

This balm really lives up to its name. I’ve been able to slow down on use of my store bought lactic acid heel balm and let this one take over! My feet feel supple, smooth, and very comfortable. Even after a whole day being on my feet.

Overall verdict: a gloriously scented moisturising and deodorising foot balm that truly lives up to its name of Silky Feet!

Pure Purpose Silky Feet Foot Balm

Buy Now – £12 at Pure Purpose

Plum Oil

Finally, let’s take a look at Pure Purpose Plum Oil. It contains just pure plum oil and is described by the brand as “the true liquid gold from France”.

Pure Purpose Plum Oil

Plum oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Like other oils, it tackles wrinkles and dry skin. But it can also help to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark spots, and under-eye circles.

Interestingly, it is used to soothe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, which I’ve found to be true. I use this over my hands once a day and rub any excess into my elbows where I have psoriasis, and I’ve found it very soothing.

Close up dropper shot of Pure Purpose Plum Oil

Pure Purpose Plum Oil smells absolutely beautiful – like marzipan! It has a light golden colour and is light in texture, easily absorbed, and non-greasy.

Colour and texture of Pure Purpose Plum Oil in the dropper

It adds a welcome layer of moisture and nourishment into my daytime and evening skincare routine. The oil will work great in any DIY projects I try too. I really like the value for money of this oil, compared with other oils. I find it so easy to incorporate into my routine, it’s a really easy going oil.

Overall verdict: a treat of an oil with moisturising, nourishing, and anti-ageing properties.

Pure Purpose Plum Oil

Buy Now – £17 at Pure Purpose

Final thoughts on Pure Purpose cosmetics

Pure Purpose is one of my favourite discoveries of the year. I’m really enjoying their effective skincare! To learn more about Pure Purpose cosmetics visit their website at purepurposecosmetics.co.uk and visit their Instagram @pure_purpose_.

Have you tried Pure Purpose? Let me know in the comments! And to keep up to date with all my natural beauty posts, please follow me and subscribe to my blog.

Until next time!


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    I haven’t heard of this brand before. I’m so intrigued by it. I can’t wait to try them out.

  2. oh this sounds like fab product!!! The lemon balm sounds amazing

  3. Each product sounds more interesting than the one before it, the deodorant and the balm are at the top of my list

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    Sing care is so important. Thanks for the review! I’ll be on the lookout.

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    I love using natural skin care products! I’m obsessed with anything green tea so that green tea balm is something that I’ll have to try!

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