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Welcome back, my friend! Today’s post is all about the cotton products I’ve been using from Organyc.

These products are made with 100% certified organic cotton. They take care of delicate skin in so many ways – think beauty, feminine, maternity, and baby care.

Organyc products are naturally absorbent, renewable, and sustainable. The brand promises a comfortable and breathable experience that’s reassuringly free from plastics, dyes, perfumes, pesticides, phthalates, super absorbent polymers, and wood pulp.


While it is true that single use cotton products are not the most sustainable option to us, they make a great option when we’re short on time, travelling, or have a new baby and need simplicity and convenience.

Lydia and I are having great fun trying out a selection of products from their range, including cotton wool balls, baby wipes, intimate wipes, beauty round pads, and cotton buds.

Shall we learn more about them now?


Cotton Wool Balls

I love cotton wool balls for all kinds of cleansing, and especially when my babies were very small. Just cotton wool and water will do, especially when baby has nappy rash. Organyc Cotton Wool Balls are 100% organic and biodegradable.

Organyc Cotton Wool Balls

I love that the packaging is fully biodegradable, too. The balls are certified organic by Ecocert, which is reassuring.

When I tried these cotton wool balls for the first time, I noticed how much softer they are than any others I’ve tried. The size and absorbency is perfect, and they’re so gentle and versatile. I love the drawstring bag, it’s super handy. A definite staple in my baby’s skincare stash!

Organyc Cotton Wool Balls

Buy Now – £3.49 at Organyc

Sweet Caress Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

What a treat for my little ones! Organyc Baby Wipes are made with 100% organic cotton delicately infused with organic extracts of soothing chamomile and calendula.

Organyc Sweet Caress Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

I really can’t get over how strong these wipes are! They’re super thick, very tough, and make light work of nappy changes and mucky hands and faces. They have a subtle natural fragrance that’s really very pleasing.

The ingredients are lovely too. You’ll find no alcohol, SLS, or paraben here.

Cara cleaning Lydia's head with a wet wipe

Cara is really enjoying cleaning Lydia’s head with an Organyc Wet Wipe. I’m not sure she needs her head cleaning Cara, but as long as you’re both having fun!

Organyc Sweet Caress Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

Buy Now – £5.99 at Organyc

Organic Cotton Intimate Wet Wipes

I’ve never used an intimate wet wipe before trying these, but I do like to use the children’s wet wipes to deep clean after visiting the bathroom. Is that a little weird? I just feel more comfortable for doing so!

Organyc Organic Cotton Intimate Wet Wipes

But I love these gentle wipes! They make me feel so clean and fresh. Like the wet wipes, they contain calendula and chamomile to soothe any irritation. They’re also pH balanced, so they won’t upset this sensitive area.

They’d be amazing to travel or go camping with!

Organyc Organic Cotton Intimate Wet Wipes

Buy Now – £3.99 at Organyc

Cotton Beauty Round Pads

Organyc Beauty Round Pads, again, are 100% organic and biodegradable – the packaging is biodegradable too. These rounds are a little smaller than I’m used to, but this does have the benefit of stopping me from using more product than is needed.

Organyc Cotton Beauty Round Pads

What a great little pad, soft, gentle and does the job perfectly. If you’re looking for reusable rounds, try these fabulous bamboo pads from Evolve.

Organyc Cotton Beauty Round Pads

Buy Now – £2.89 at Organyc

Cotton Buds

I use cotton buds for removing heavy eye makeup and cleaning gently around the ears of my children. Organyc Cotton Buds are 100% organic and biodegradable with a paper stick. The window in the cardboard box is biodegradable too.

Organyc Cotton Buds

The buds are strong and sturdy, I think they perform better than those you find in the supermarket, so they’re a winner for me.

Organyc Cotton Buds

Buy Now – £3.49 at Organyc

Final thoughts on Organyc

My whole family love Organyc cotton products! The products are more expensive than their mainstream counterparts but we get great quality, biodegradable, and 100% organic products that make a world of difference.

View the full range of organic cotton products at and over on Instagram @organycuk.

Will you use these organic cotton products in your beauty or baby routine? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Happy cleansing!



  1. I wish these were around when my twins were infants. I always looked for organic products and this company looks like they’re doing it right.

  2. Amber Myers Reply

    These all look like some fabulous products for parents to use! I like that they are organic.

  3. These look great! I’ll have to look into a few of these as my toddler still isn’t potty trained

  4. Amber Starr Battishill Reply

    These would have been great to have when my kiddos were younger! I like that they keep sustainability in mind.

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