Welcome back, my friend! I’ve finally found time to write Lydia Evelyn’s birth story! She’s such a treasure, our whole family is in love with her!

I wrote Jonah’s birth story and Cara’s birth story too – I don’t want to forget the amazing and life changing experience of giving birth.

Each of my three children’s births was so special and amazing in different ways.

I truly hope you enjoy reading Lydia’s birth story!

Lydia Evelyn’s birth story begins a week before her birth

At 38+5 weeks pregnant, I’d been feeling her move a little less than usual. Concerned, I called the maternity day unit at our local hospital to assess her movements and heartbeat.

Monitoring Lydia at the maternity unit

The hospital took us in and monitored Lydia. Reassuringly, she went through the monitoring just fine. Her CTG and growth scan were both perfect, and comfortingly her movements returned to normal over the several hours I spent in the day unit.

But, to my dismay, the hospital doctor recommended I have an induction of labour as soon as possible – that very evening if I could.

I was really stunned to hear the doctor’s recommendation. He cited three reasons – the reduced movements, my age, and Lydia’s predicted weight by her growth scan.

Hopes for an unmedicated birth

After taking a HypnoBirthing course, I knew that – although necessary and helpful in many circumstances, an induction of labour can lead to a cascade of interventions. I was hoping to avoid induction totally.

Lydia chewing her hands

I agreed that reduced movements is cause for concern, but I’d heavily researched my age and Lydia’s weight as risk factors and already decided I wouldn’t worry about those until 41 weeks.

So, I reluctantly agreed to an induction at 40 weeks plus daily monitoring and Doppler scans throughout the week to make sure Lydia was doing fine. I prayed that she would come before my induction…

Spoiler alert… She did!

The week progressed

Every day, we were hooked up to machines and Lydia flew through her checks with flying colours.

Lydia swaddled

Towards the end of the week I felt sure my labour was going to start soon. With the monitor strapped to my bump, I could see my uterus rising with each contraction.

On Sunday night, I went to bed as usual and throughout the night I had several contractions.

Monday morning rolled around, and at around 7am, I experienced contractions of greater intensity and frequency.

At 39+5, I was certain this was labour!

I was booked in for a Doppler scan at the hospital on Monday morning. My husband came with me – the first and only scan he’d been able to come to due to childcare.

He had a tear in his eye as we learned all was well with our little one and my contractions continued. It was such an amazing time, knowing that we would soon meet our little one!

Lydia and daddy

We went home to continue my labour – while being mindful of the need to get to hospital on time. Our daughter Cara was born at home because we didn’t get to the hospital on time.

Labour progressed at home. I continued my HypnoBirthing breathing, stayed upright and active, managed to eat, and had my mum and brother over to help with Cara.

After 2 hours I felt like I needed to return to the hospital. The contractions were intense and closer together. I cried when they said it was okay to come into the delivery suite!

Getting to the hospital

We dashed to hospital – only 10 minutes away, wincing over every bump, deep breathing through every contraction.

Lydia, Jonah & Cara

In the car park, I could feel the deep pulling sensation of the pushing stage of labour approaching. We had better be quick!

I managed to walk to the suite, clinging to every wall along the way. But so exhilarated to know that we were so close! And elated to make it into the hospital!

We were welcomed to the unit, and at last we made it to our room. It was cosy, dark and blissfully cool, with twinkly ceiling lights.

Lydia in her pram

We met our midwife, Laura, who made some initial checks. Laura wanted to examine me, but within the space of about 10 minutes since arrival, I needed to push. So I was obviously at 10cm dilation already!

Laura helped me into a good position to breathe our baby out. After a few pushes Laura could see Lydia’s head and I felt her head for the first time. After another push came Lydia’s head. Martin was overwhelmed to see her entire head as we waited for another contraction to deliver her shoulders and body. When that contraction came, Lydia was born!

Welcome, Lydia

She wasn’t crying, but she did let out a few cries, which let us know she was okay.

Laura handed Lydia over and made sure we were warm and comfortable. We took in every little detail of her and of course we were in love right away.

Lydia and mummy

She didn’t seem big, so we couldn’t believe it when we found out she weighed 9lbs 15.5oz, almost 10lbs! We were sure she was smaller than my son, who weighed 9lbs 4oz. The growth scan estimate was pretty accurate!

I’m so pleased we avoided induction and the possibility of an overly medicalised birth, yet still made it to hospital.

Induction is totally helpful and necessary in some pregnancies, but I think doctors tend to look at stats and recommend induction for every slightly elevated risk, regardless of personal wishes.

I was sure my chances of a normal delivery were high – and I was right!

Lydia the snowbear!

If you’re hoping for labour to start naturally and doctors are pushing you for induction, I’d say make sure to research your options fully.

I definitely recommend taking a HypnoBirthing course to learn the physiology of labour and birth and to help you make empowered and informed choices for you and your little one.

I followed the Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing method. You can pick up her excellent book on Amazon.

Final thoughts on Lydia Evelyn’s birth story

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed reading Lydia’s birth story. I always find writing about my birthings very cathartic.

Have you tried HypnoBirthing? Do you have any birth details to share with me in the comments? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!



  1. What a sweetheart! And what a great story – good timing 🙂 I’m glad you were able to stick with how you wanted things. All the best to you and your new baby!

  2. Wow, she was a super healthy weight. It’s lovely reading about Lydia’s birth. Congratulations again x

  3. Sounds like you had a great labor and delivery of this sweet princess. What a wonderful addition to this already amazing family.

  4. You did well my friend! What a great story and Your new princess is a cutie pie. Congratulations my friend x
    I haven’t had hypnobirth, but I had two natural unmedicated births and I think I am done 🙂

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