Dear Cara,

Every time I write your birthday letter, I’m never lost for words. You are so full of personality and life.

You are unashamedly strong, brave, and bold. It’s your 4th birthday, Cara, and we’re so happy to celebrate with you!

This year, I’m remembering how we made the most of every moment in our new garden over summer – we shot water bombs, giggled and splashed in our paddling pool, and gazed at the clouds from the trampoline, exhausted from bouncing.

When we’re not at home, the beach is your favourite place to be, and you’re always wearing shorts. In fact, you’re still wearing them in November!

Cara loves the beach

You have a real eye for choosing your own clothes and rarely let me choose your clothes or dress you. You totally own it! Sometimes we end up with some unique style choices, but they’re all your own.

You still love a faster spin from your dad, and now your baby sister, Lydia, does too! You have the biggest heart and the biggest feelings in our family.

A memorable year

One of the highlights of the year was your first trip to the circus. You laughed so hard at the funny clown whizzing around the ring. Although you also cried just as hard because you lost your sparkly pink “C” hat out of the car window on the way.

You’re truly a tactile child – slime, play-dough, puddle jumping, and bath-time bubbles are totally your thing. We spend hours making our own slime! Getting messy is so much fun, but you still love to be a princess!

Cars is a princess

And just like mama, you love your skincare and makeup.

The four year old Cara I will remember is always with the fun and action. You hate staying still for long, and you’re always up for the next challenge. Soft play, swimming, visiting the park – you love it all.

Taking some downtime recovering from chickenpox

You had to slow down a few times this year though – especially when you all got chickenpox. I’ve never seen you so miserable. You could barely move without crying. But you bounced back amazingly.

School nursery

You’ve made friends at nursery this year and we were bursting with pride to hear your progress from your teacher. We get some gorgeous makes to bring home, and of course they take pride of place on the fridge.

Cara, you’ll be starting reception class in September, and how weird it will be when you’re not home with me! Although you did have some practise runs in “chicken nursery” this year while we were moving house.

Your family

You’re definitely the leader of the pack amongst your siblings. You love to take the lead with your sister, choosing her clothes and brushing her hair. You often instigate games and challenges with your older brother, too.

Kissing Lydia

Grandma Heather is absolutely your best pal. Your relationship with her has really strengthened this year, as she pretty much has you for an afternoon every Thursday. The pair of you are definitely peas in a pod! You loved helping her create a magnificent bonfire for bonfire night this year.

I’m so proud to be your mummy, and I’m looking forward to another fabulous year with you, my courageous little one!

Lots of love,

Mummy xx

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